Oops, things broke


Inside: things about collisions and very nice mid-2000s sedans that still used steel fenders.

My stepfather wound up in a collision that nobody likes to be in - making a blind turn from a turn lane while someone else is trying to turn out. Neither the driver of the SUV (I think it was a late 2000s Pilot?) nor him noticed each other until it was too late to smash on the brakes, leaving the Montego with a smashed-in front end at about 20mph.

The good news is that nobody was hurt, and the insurance company hasn’t totaled the Montego, meaning a body shop will cover replacing the bumper, hood, grille, headlight, etc. The bad news is that the SUV driver had their airbags deploy and their FR tire was shoved in, making their vehicle completely undrivable and almost unmovable as a result.

Looks like I’m gonna have to buy myself a Five Hundred or Montego sometime. These cars are too nice to pass up.

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