What Incredibles 2 does Better than Other Super Hero Movies

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I finally got around to seeing Incredibles 2 and while I really enjoyed the movie, I have not quite had enough time to digest it and rank it in my mental film bank. The plot was fine, the characters were awesome again, but the ending fell pretty flat. Obviously there are spoilers ahead, so tread with caution if you still haven’t seen Disney’s latest animated hero romp.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Before I get into what I liked about, I’ll just quickly run through a few of the pain points I saw. First, opening with a message from the cast seemed incredibly weird and out of place to me. It made the fan base seem like one of those weird cult television series bases who send boxes of packing peanuts to the cast and crew in an attempt to get the show rebooted—incredibly small gripe here, it just made me feel weird. Having Elastigirl take center stage was awesome, but Mr. Incredible’s bumbling oaf stay-at-home dad routine is so played out, I really feel as though there could have been a better direction here. The only other negative for me was the ending, which felt rushed and took away from the overall “lesson” of the film, leaving little for audience to chew on after walking out of the theater. The riding off into the sunset routine seems to squash any hopes for a sequel.

While there were a few negatives, there downside of the film did little to remove from the fact that Incredibles 2 was an instant classic. I could go on for paragraphs about what I liked, but I want to touch on what this film did better than others in its genre: the use of super powers portrayed in Incredibles 2 is absolutely unparalleled. Most likely due to the animated medium, but the fight scenes, chase scenes, and day-to-day life in Incredibles 2 are all enhanced by how incredible the characters are at using their powers. Void, a C-Tier character in this universe, made awesome use of her Portal-esque powers, teleporting punches from her cohorts to the faces of her foes. Violet used Susan Storm’s skill set better than we have ever seen on the big screen, projecting energy barriers to deflect projectiles and using the same power for multiple rough landings. Dash was meh, but there’s only so much you can do with super speed without relying on slow-mo. Then you have Jack Jack, whose use of powers was hilarious and drove the entire movie.

It is obvious that the animated style of Incredibles 2 gives the film an advantage over its live-action counterparts, but with a huge slew of animated super hero films forthcoming it remains to be seen if the likes of Teen Titans GO! and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse can match the action and enjoyment of power usage.

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