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Long-Voyager 06/24/2018. 13 comments
Paint Wrencheveryday

Back story: My bedsides had rusted as all these trucks do, so I welded in new bed sides and got a new tailgate last fall hoping to get it painted before winter. Winter had other plans:

So I started into finishing the body work I didn’t get done last fall:

Driver’s side all sanded out. Got the passenger side sanded as well. I have a high spot on the passenger side I have to smooth out yet, otherwise the sides are ready.

Then I proceeded to go to the tailgate and found a rusty mess from not getting it painted last winter. So I sanded the rust off, cleaned it up, and decided I was going to lay a protective coating on it. Thought I had some black laying around, turns out I didn’t. I did have a lot of random colors though, so this became my temporary tailgate:

I’ll sand it out and paint it back to factory when I do the rest of the truck.


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