In The Latest Chapter Of... Saintia Sho (Ch.55)

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In The Latest Chapter Of... Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Manga AniTay

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Chapter 55

The chapter started exactly where the past one left off; Phobos has announced that he is a “Phantom” the servants of the God of War Ares! Elda quickly makes the connection and says that then that Saga Clone they saw was in true Ares! Shoko is surprised that right now a new opponent has come, especially because she is ignorant of the Greek Mythology, still… Phobos has a message for our Heroines… That they should give up.

Phobos explains that Athena has been defeated and now is inside the Tree (Uterus), and even more, her life is being drained and given to Ares, so when Ares wakes up as a full God, Athena will be dead! Continuing with that scenario, the Phantom keeps explaining that the path towards Athena is filled with Ghost Saints and Dryads, and they might as well kill the Saintias; besides if by a miracle they get there, it would be too late and Athena will be dead already…So why trying?

Still our Saintias are dead set in reaching Athena! Phobos hearing that has decided to start his game…The loser’s game… Ina flash he has took the Hagoromo and is holding them with his Cosmo! Shoko demands to give them back! Still Phobo spread the objects in all the Garden of Eden, so now the Saintias will have to look for them! This is his game now!

Meanwhile in the Sanctuary, Milo is watching the sky, getting ready for what is to come; he starts remembering when the battle at Eris temple finished, he wasn´t the one who saved Shoko; but Rather Orion Rigel, a Ghost Saint and someone close to Eris and Kyoko, when he give Shoko to Milo he told him that she was hope for all… At first Milo though that Rigel had some of his humanity; but…Maybe he had another reason.

The Scorpio Gold Saint turns around and sees his opponent, Rigel has come to face him!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very interesting chapter! I liked this one a lot, over the past one that while it presented us some nice things, it was still a bit lacking for me; now this time we have a good chapter where the Saintias were front and center of the chapter, especially in how the conversation with Phobos went for more than one reason.

First because it truly gave the Saintias a new objective: to recover the Hagoromo, which is a good thing because for all intent and purposes the Saintias where going to the same place so the intelligent thing was going together and since the whole Eden garden was a big place and not made in a form of a single line or route like the Sanctuary, the classic “Saint Seiya” formula (Aka how Sanctuary and Hades went) wouldn´t have worked; so instead we got a Poseidon formula, where the good guys will have to go their separate ways in order to achieve a goal, and that truly gives us more of a fresh air to this!

Second, is that these Hagoromo will be guarded by someone, either a Dryad, a Ghost Saint or a Phantom (more on that later) so will make that our Girls here will get more fights and the chance that they get (besides Elda who already reached it) the Seventh sense…Even if it´s like how Seiya and company gets to it, which is just for some moments and after being beaten to a pulp.

Now we have also a new order of villains besides the Dryads and the Ghost Saints, the Phantom! Warriors servants of Ares, also it has been explained by the SKD people that the kanji that Chimaki used was more like a “Battle Crazed Spirit” So the “Berserker” theme that was used in Lost Canvas or the Gigantomachia is not completely lost.

Finally, while I think this was a good chapter, If this and the past one where launched as a single one, it would have been amazing! Since both of them complement each other so well!

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