'Murica Monday: Euro HWËPchen Amerika

Jobjoris 06/11/2018. 9 comments
Murica Monday Chase Elliott NASCAR Chevrolet Camaro Chevy

A total unicorn in my collection. I know little about NASCAR. Or actually about the American market in general. And yet this one totally blew me away. Why? As it just dropped into my mailbox and has quite the details for a 1/64! Or is it?

I think it is. And it was sent to me by fellow LaLD author Nick after he asked me about the Norev 3" DS19. I had one laying around so I sent it to him because why not and he returned the favor amazing: with Chase Elliott`s Chevy Camaro #9. And he added an AMG key-chain. And that’s extra amazing as I’m actually looking to replace my DD Volvo by a used AMG.

So thank you Nick for this amazing gift! And I might need your expertise in finding a decent AMG in Germany. So let’s keep in touch! ;-)

Oh and some of you might have noticed I missed French Friday last week. Sorry about that... Pretty busy. Won’t happen again. Soon anyway. I hope.

Bye bye and thanks again!



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