Teutonic Tuesday: individualisierte 356 teil 356?

Jobjoris 06/03/2018. 15 comments
Teutonic Tuesday Porsche 356 356 Outlaw Hot Wheels Custom VDH Customs

Didn’t somebody mention he missed all those customized 356 at LaLD? Well, I was lucky enough to receive an epic package from my logistics centre Springfield USA that contained...

A brilliant 356 Outlaw by VDH customs! He made one before for me in blue but added a (GP?) weiss one in a package the size of Mexico!

It’s soooo big (and my time of is vary scarse right now: I still haven’t unpacked all of it, let alone figured out who sent what past year. Enough stuff to be showing next few weeks, maybe even months!

Just that racenumber: What are you implying Philip? I’m not even close to 90 kgs! Nor is my age ;-)

I’m lucky for having two 356 VDH specials now, one grey and this one. That Pegasus just keeps getting better. I might need one for my 1:1.

So Molto Grazie Philippo! Sorry for keep nagging you when you’d send my package as it is beyond epic. Thanks for keeping the Logistics Centre fully operational.

You really outdid your self (again) and I can’t wait to show you all s’more.

Und das war es wieder. Viel spass Heute, hope to see more 356 customizations today but that could prove to be hard.




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