LaLD ///May: 6. Tag, Ein anderes Fünfer, alphabetischer Reihenfolge!

Jobjoris 05/26/2018. 6 comments
LALD ///MAY 2018 BMW E1 Minichamps 1/43

I know it’s day 6 of ///May week but it’s the 5th day of the week and “E” is the 5th letter of the alphabet. So it goes. The E1.

And the M5 might have been the Benchmark for big sport saloons, the E1 was the car that made the world clear BMW meant business with environmental friendly cars as well.

No need to tell it influenced their own i8 years later.

And for BMW actually a bit of an odd design so this is my substitute French Friday post.

Philipilihp had a great idea to do a French Friday post by showing a BMW that raced Le Mans but I couldn’t find a real one at home. Well, didn’t an M3 E46 GTR race there? Or was it just at the Ring?

Tomorrow I’ll show a car that was offered by a local Insta-friend after I showed the 2000 Touring there last Sunday.

And that should be a great one to close off this week.

Tschüss! Und Bon Week-End!

P.S. If I don’t reply on anything that probably is caused by Kinja as most of the time replying simply... Doesn’t work!



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