The Constitution is in peril. National security is compromised. Because Spanky doesn't like being inconvenienced.

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Lock Them All Up

Politico reports that President Trump uses at least two mobile phones that lack the necessary security features to conceal his communications. The president “has rebuffed staff efforts to strengthen security around his phone use,” the article explains, and while President Obama swapped out his phone every month for security staffers to see whether it had been hacked, Trump has refused to do the same because it would be “too inconvenient.” In other words, the offense is identical to Clinton’s, except that the president is a far more inviting target for foreign hackers than the secretary of State, and Trump in particular is especially vulnerable to espionage and blackmail due to his concealed business interests and habitual adultery.

That it may have conspired with foreign governments at the very least to finagle the last presidential election, and that those government did so in the expectation of favors from the administration* they worked to install. That it may have delivered the quo for several of those quids through the foreign policy of the United States. And, if the administration delivered the quo, that it would be guilty of a crime. In fact, it would be guilty of one of the crimes specifically mentioned in the constitutional provisions regarding the impeachment and removal of a president—to wit: bribery. And this is not even to mention the many still unresolved questions relating to Russian ratfcking for the hell of it.

I am becoming more afraid of the future if the (Fascist)GOP doesn’t find some ovaries and step up tho the plate. We are fast approaching a Constitutional crisis due to the dithering tactics of McConnell and Ryan. Ryan will go down in history as a traitor to the Republic for allowing Nunes to obstruct and misdirect the House Intelligence Committee (now that’s an oxymoron for you!) investigation and for refusing to do his duty as Speaker and challenge the Administration’s oversteps. Never have I despised any inverterbrate as much as I do Ryan. McConnell, Ryan, and all their kith seem to think their corporate masters will shield them from any consequences for their obsequious toadying to Spanky. I am hoping we nail every one of them for multiple federal offences. Make them have to leave the country to avoid jail time and then see if any decent country will take them. Yeah, bitches, good luck with that.

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