Police Academy Promos and TV Spots

FourFingerWu 05/18/2018. 5 comments
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Nathan Rabin has reviewed a couple of the sequels recently and the original was in the top ten earners of 1984. Big hit. (Now with more Guttenberg. Added a couple of interviews and Random Roles. And Tim Kazurinsky. Always liked that guy.)

Ebert getting the business in the comments for his review.

First time ever. NBC 1987.

4. Citizens on Patrol. CBS 1989.

2. Their First Assignment. TNT 1997.

2. NBC 1988.

Mission to Moscow. 1995 Cinemax.

3. Back in Training. 1989 CBS.

1. 1987 NBC.

2. TV spot.

4. TV spot.

5. TV spot.

5. Another TV spot.

6. City Under Siege TV spot.

6. Cinemax 1990.

(Every single Youtube link now I have to paste twice because it won’t open. And you have to wait for it to not open. Kinja.)

Cartoon promo.

1989 action figures.

Cartoon intro.



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