Tesla Teases A Mystery Car In New Video

Ryan Felton 05/14/2018. 22 comments
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Twitter-maniac Elon Musk posted what he called a Tesla “quarterly all-hands video” on Wednesday, and it includes a quick glimpse of a covered vehicle, which immediately sent fanatics of the automaker into a frenzy. What is this? A Model Y prototype?

The Model Y guess makes sense, since Musk has opened up more about it in recent days, having said that he (optimistically ) expects production to begin in 24 months. But it looks too short to be a crossover.

My initial gut reaction was that Tesla, fully-aware of the benefit it gets from media coverage like this, just covered up a Model 3 and waited for its fans to point this out. The full shot comes in at the :16 mark.

I asked Tesla for comment, but I fully anticipate they’ll have nothing to share. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe it’s a revamped Model S? It’s about damn time for one, that’s for sure.


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