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510 Day Datsun 510 East African Safari Rally Tomica Ignition Model

It’s been a long time since I posted my sneak peak and now the wait is over and in time for 510 day.

One of my favorite castings in 2 different scale.

Here is a recap of my previous post.

Now let’s first take a look at the 1/64 Tomica Vintage 1970 Datsun Bluebird 1600 SSS under their Nostalgic Hero Vol. 1.

You’ve probably seen this livery made by other die cast company like Hot Wheels but this one is based on an actual race car that competed in the East African Safari Rally in 1970 and won.

It comes in a box set that also contains the regular size box for the car. So you’re probably wondering about the Nostalgic Hero theme.

Nostalgic Hero is a Japanese magazine that is edited for enthusiasts interested in the japanese vintage car. The magazine is celebrating its 30th anniversary in July 2018 and the TLV celebrating its 15th birthday in January 2019.

This is a great looking casting and Tomica did it again by bringing us a nicely detailed Datsun 510. Just look at the lettering on this car.

However not everything is perfect.

Below is what was the original image released by Tomica before the model was released.

Here is the actual model I received.

Notice the difference?

It’s missing a very nice and important sponsor logo and which I liked as well. It’s the Shell logo. For me that shell adds a nice touch to the model. Licensing issue maybe?

Here is the actual car which this model is based from.

Here is a comparison between the previous Tomica 510 release based on the 5000 Km to Glory movie and the Nostalgic hero version.

Of course not only did I ordered one but two.

Here is the 1/43 Datsun based on the 5000 km to Glory movie.

Say what? Did I not just showed a 1/64 version above?

Yes and Tomica and Ignition model collaborated to release this 1/43 version.

This one has great detail... and pricey as well.

Below is a comparison between the 1/64 and 1/43 version.

As you can see there are some minor differences. Here is a bit of info from Tomytec website which I’ve taken from a discussion in Swiftys Garage.

What the company implied about the 1/64 version.

Translation from TOMYTEC page:
SOURCE - http://www.tomytec.co.jp/minicar/lineup/tlv/lv_special01.html


Yujiro Ishihara (the lead actor in the movie) as a special project for 30 years after the death, we will commercialize Datsun Bluebird (510 type) rally specification driven by Yujiro at the movie ‘5000 km to glory’ following the Western police Gazelle.

The movie “5000 kilometers to glory” made based on the novel “5000 kilometers to glory” based on the battle in the Safari Rally of the Nissan team is based on the 1969 East African Safari Rally as the main stage, It became a topic as a large scale work such as shooting while actually entering.
It is said that this work triggered the strong ties between Ishihara pro work and Nissan cars.

Even now it is preserved, there are also people who saw the figure being exhibited at Yujiro Ishihara Memorial Hall in recent years.

What the company implied about the 1/43 version.

Translation from TOMYTEC page:
SOURCE - http://www.tomytec.co.jp/minicar/lineup/ig43/ig43_08.html


● Collaboration with Tomy Tech and “ignition model” known for precision handmade miniature cars.

● Acquire accurate data from the actual vehicle interview using the 3D scanner for the ignition model.
In addition to adding original deformation, we spend a lot of time on modeling supervision.
We pursue the sharp edges of the body and stick to thin coatings and final finish.
Please handle new work of collaboration item with established reputation model.

● This time we reproduce the 510 type Blue Bird that appears in Yujiro Ishihara ‘s leading movie’ 5000 kilometers to Glory ‘.
Unlike the earlier 1/64 TLV, it is a coloring that reproduced the specification at the time of film appearance.

● High ride height with built-in tire / wheel of the rally specification, powerful auxiliary lights and indoor, such as indoor, Rally specification 510 Bluebird model is showing attention as a model.

It seems to indicate that the 1/64 is based on the car that resides at the actor’s memorial hall which if you notice has the name of the actor printed on the car while the 1/43 has the name of the character that the actor played and is a more accurate model from the movie.

Here is the actual car in the movie. The Ignition model seems fairly accurate, except it is missing the Coca-Cola logo (probably due to licensing as well?).

Hope you enjoy these info and comparisons between models made by the same company.

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