One last computer question for Oppo (I want to make sure I'm not being bamboozled by Russian fake news bots) 

Is it true I could get a Pentium G4560 with a GTX 970 and pretty much run most modern games on low-medium setting and get 40-60 FPS? Because that seems a little too good to be true. But at the same time I’m not sure how much I trust the 1-2 minute benchmarks compared to actually having to play a game on that system for an hour or two.

Do any of y’all have personal experience or expertise to comment on the practicality of this?

I guess worst case I could just go this route, I’ll succumb to the Russian propaganda and not be able to play anything but CS:GO until I become a Russian fake news bot myself.

Now I need to go and research how a Ryzen 3 and GTX 970 would pair. Because I think that’d give me some extra performance so I wouldn’t have to worry about quite so many games being stuttery messes.


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