Valuable skills for retirement aged workers. Feathers & Finch's retirement training camp now taking reservations

Athingwithfeathers 04/26/2018. 10 comments
Useful Skills For Retirememnt

Did you frivol away your youth gaining a college degree or useful job skills? Did your devotion to professionalism keep you working long hours and prevent you from developing alternative skills? Has your 40+ years in the workforce provided you with a secure retirement? No? Hell, no, of course not! The last forty years has seen the bottom drop from beneath the feet of working people. We older workers need to learn new skills that will carry us past the pittance in we receive from Uncle Sam and provide for our Golden Years. To meet this growing need, Mrs. Finch and I have decided to share what we’ve learned leading lives of scholarly study and frequent lab testing.

How to open a padlock using a pair of crescent wrenches

How to pick a padlock

How to break into a car with string

How to make a $5 taser

We have experts standing by to guide you in choosing the tools you’ll need for your future endeavors. Sign up for the full summer and we’ll include our helpful video - Escape to Freedom: Making Your Own Passports and Credit Cards


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