95 Voyager Sport Wagon Build

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Here’s the build on our other Voyager, which is sadly no longer in my possession.

She came to us in this form, I gave $600 for her, and other than needing fluids changed from sitting for 5 years, just needed an alternator installed:

2 Small rust spots on the driver’s side rocker was all she had. I changed all the fluids and set to work. Got her all prepped for paint, then pulled her into her tiny paint booth (my garage):

Got her all sprayed. This ended up being a long endeavor. I started at what I thought was 8pm (turns out it was 11pm, phone froze at 8). Got the sealer sprayed only to have my gun’s screen clog from my dad not cleaning it properly the last time he used it. Pulled the screen and finally got it sprayed. Let it tack for a few minutes and pulled the tape/reinstalled lights:

Went in the house to a pissed wife and a house that reeked of paint as I forgot to shut the “dividing” door on my way to the garage. Next day I backed her out and added the “stripes”:

Picked up a set of 17s for it cheap:

You can’t have a cool mini without duals:

We drove/beat it around like this for over 2 yrs before I launched the diff pin through the case at 199,495 mi doing a reverse drop in front of my dad’s place. This was the result:

So this meant I needed a new trans, so I figured why not rebuild the engine while I’m at it, so I rebuilt the engine using custom pistons, porting on the heads, and porting the intake manifold while installing a 58MM TB. Once the engine was ready I coated the engine bay black and set to work getting everything back together:

With the drivetrain sorted, I decided lowering was in order, so I added custom made springs (slightly stiffer spring rate/shorter coil/custom from Madison Spring) on KYB struts up front, and had the rear springs de-arched while adding load helpers and Koni Shocks to tighten everything up:

At this point, it had a few rust spots starting to creep back, so I decided she needed a new persona to go with her newfound power, into body work again:

With the body all prepped, I rolled her into a friend’s business paint booth and sprayed her satin black. I didn’t get to take any pics until she got home the next day:

Then I needed a shot at work:

Drove it like this for another year or so, enjoying the new power and look (the black/stock 15s were the daily/winter wheels):

I finally got hungry for even more power and swapped to the newer 3.3L top end, which got her to her final power state, sadly I have no pics of that as I came across our 66 Electra shortly after and traded her off on that.

Looking back now, I wish I still had that van. I’m always searching for another Sport Wagon so I can start over again.


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