Nail It, Baby! Just Press, Go and Glow 

Veronica Webb 02/11/2018. 6 comments
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It’s all about those nails! But even if you have the money for that weekly manicure, do you really have the time? Personally, I usually don’t have the time or the patience to get a set of fully tricked-out nails spangled with rhinestones, or buffed to perfection with a flat-carbon-paint job, like the European sports car I wish I had but don’t.

But I can have those flat-carbon nails anytime I want in a matter of minutes, thanks to the press-on options from Kiss USA. In fact, I’m dying over the slogan nails from designer Christian Siriano that hit drugstore shelves just in time for New York Fashion Week (pictured above).

Artificial nails are one of the fastest-growing categories in beauty right now, climbing about 14 percent last year alone (pdf). Why are so many women skipping the relaxation of the nail salon and ditching the drying time—not to mention the chemicals in nail products—in favor of press-on packaged nails? Cost and convenience, of course!

But for women who are pregnant or nursing, it’s also the perfect way to avoid unnecessary chemical exposure for your unborn child. At the recent Grammy Awards, Chrissy Teigen popped on a set of stiletto-shaped nails in Forbidden, painted with Gel Strong polish in Vampire for her red-carpet stroll. I don’t know what was more glamorous: her new baby bump, her high-wattage silver sequined dress or the fact that her stellar manicure was achieved for $10.

Press-on nails are like jewelry and can slide on and off just like your favorite diamond ring. With Kiss, diamonds and pearls are there for the picking, as are stained glass and glitter effects that would normally take up to two hours at the manicurist—and cost around $65 to $200. Or, if you want to keep that ball of cash in your wallet while still looking like a baller, DIY-it on the nail bling.

The options may not be endless, but they’re pretty plentiful. And with fashionable styles starting at $4.99, you almost can’t afford not to try them. I know they’ll be my go-to to get through this fashion week without a chip! - Download Hi-Res Songs


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