Monday's Best Deals: Philips Airfryer, Logitech Harmony, DropMix Card Game, and More

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Start off your week with deals on a Philips Airfryer , a Logitech Harmony smart control , Harmonix’s DropMix music card game , and many more.

Top Tech Deals

$70 for a Logitech Harmony remote is a great deal on its face, but the real reason to buy this model is the included Harmony Hub.

The Hub allows you to use your iPhone, Android device, or even an Amazon Echo to control everything a Harmony remote can (which is basically any piece of home theater gear you can think of). So even when you inevitably lose the included remote behind the couch cushions, you’ll still have multiple ways to take control of all of your home theater gear.

Considering the hub alone sells for $77 right now , so you’re basically saving $7 here, and getting the remote for free.

The recent release of Qi-compatible iPhones means that wireless charging pads are flying off the shelves, and we have an exclusive discount on Anker’s 10W model with promo code KINJA519.

iPhones can only charge at 7.5W right now, so this will max out your iOS wireless charging speed, with some extra power available for compatible Android phones. I bought it for myself late last year, and use it with my iPhone X every night. I love that the edges of the pad light up temporarily when you set your phone down, so I can be sure I placed it correctly even when I’m groggy and not wearing my glasses.

Update: The seller that has them for $4 might be iffy, so best to buy them from directly for $7 , which is a pretty good price, historically.

Get a better grip on your phone with one these expandable PopSockets . These Amazon bestsellers are just $4 today, down from their usual $8, and they double as kickstands, which can then be collapsed down so your phone will still fit nicely in your pocket. Although these are offered in a million different colors, just the black is on sale today .

HDTV bias light strips can improve your TV’s perceived black levels and reduce eyestrain, but just as importantly, they look really cool. Just stick it to the back of your TV, plug it into your set’s USB port, and bask in the glow.

This $10, 80" strip should be long enough for most TVs 60" or below, and you can cut it down to size if it’s too big for your needs.

If you got yourself a nice new TV for the holidays, you can mount it to your wall for less than you might think today.

RAVPower’s 10W Qi charging pad is a solid value at $15, but today, you can also toss in a pair of USB 3.0 to USB-C cables for free . Just add both to your cart and use code BA2XLTT6.

The government should mandate that all TVs come with at least five HDMI ports. I see no downside to this. Until I become president though, this $10 HDMI switcher will have to do. It basically turns one port into two, switches between devices at the press of a button.

Should you ever find yourself without power for an extended period of time, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that as long as you have access to sunlight or can turn a crank, you can listen to the radio (including emergency weather stations), turn on a flashlight, and charge your phone. This model from Eton and the American Red Cross has never been cheaper than it is today.

Anker’s SoundBuds Slims were the single most popular product among our readers in 2017 , and the red and blue -corded models are down to $19 on Amazon right now, down from their usual ~$26.

Despite their diminutive size, these wireless ‘buds pack in an impressive seven hours of battery life, and can fully recharge in about 90 minutes.

There aren’t a whole lot of USB-C chargers out there that can output enough juice to charge a MacBook at full speed, but this iClever BoostCube can handle it, and then some.

Its single USB-C port can push out 45W of power, which is squarely between the 12" MacBook’s 29W and the 13" MacBook Pro’s 61W. That means it’ll charge the former at full speed, and should charge the latter fairly quickly considering it’s only $19 with code N3JQ886V, compared to the $69 Apple charges for a 61W power supply.

If you’re planning on fleeing the country taking a trip overseas anytime soon, you’ll want to pack this universal outlet adapter , which can convert an AC outlet, and includes four (!!) USB ports too for your mobile devices.

Top Home Deals

A good label maker is something everyone should own, and the Brother P-touch Handy Label Maker is back in stock for just $10 today, matching an all-time low. This thing can output nine fonts, over 200 symbols, and even 10 different frames on multiple sizes and finishes of label tape, so you’ll have the freedom to get creative.

You know those ridiculous camping tents with multiple rooms? This is basically the same idea for your pet , who deserves the extra space, unlike you. When completely folded up, it’s approved to fit under airline seats and hold pets up to 18 pounds. But when you’re using it at home or in the back of your car, you can unzip any of the four sides to give your furry friend more room to stretch out.

These $9 gloves let you grab a hot pan out of the oven, pull meat right off a grill, or even turn logs in an active campfire without getting burned, like some kind of kitchen superhero. We’ve seen silicone barbecue gloves for less than this in the past, but these are rated for much higher temperatures, and should be more flexible as well.

After stocking up for just about $3 each , you might actually replace your Brita filters on the recommended schedule.

Nah, I’m just kidding, you’ll still use them way too long. But hey, at least you saved money in the long run. Just be sure to clip the 15% coupon to get this deal.

If you’re an instant oatmeal fan, today is your day. You can buy this 48-packet variety box for $11 after $5 off coupon , which brings it to just 23 cents per packet. Just remember that the discount won’t show up until checkout.

Go nuts over 20% off a 5-pack of 8-ounce bags of pistachios , a 3-pack of 24-ounce bags , and a 12-pack of mini salt and pepper-flavored bags today. As far as snack foods go, pistachios are the most delicious and not too bad for you either. Just remember, the final discounted price won’t show up checkout.

The humble and inexpensive cast iron skillet is one of most important pieces of cooking gear you can own , and Lodge’s highly-rated 8” model is back down to $9 on Amazon, albeit as an add-on item. Obviously, this is too small to be your main skillet, but it’d be great if you were cooking for yourself, or heating up some side dishes.

You know about Velcro cable ties, but did you know you can also use Velcro to organize tools? This 15' roll of industrial strength sticky-back Velcro stripping has never been cheaper ; just stick some to the wall of your garage, roll some more around the handles of your tools, and presto, you’ve got an organization system. This is basically how they organize stuff on the Space Station to keep it from floating away.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have an automatic ice maker, or if you just want one for something like a boat or an RV, these countertop model can produce upwards of 25 pounds of ice per day.

In terms of raw specs, all of the models on sale in today’s Amazon Gold Box are pretty similar. The two cheapest options are identical save for their color, and the more expensive ones can produce two different ice cube sizes, but are otherwise basically the same.

Using a fraction of the oil than its deep frying counterparts, this $120 Philips TurboStar Airfryer claims to be a healthier cooking method for all of your favorite fried foods. Hey, every little bit helps at this time of year.

This is a new model of the Airfryer which features a smaller countertop footprint than the original, as well as extra convection fans for even cooking. It usually sells for $160-$200, and today’s $120 deal is the lowest price we’ve seen.

Only luddites use tape measures anymore. This laser distance measurer takes instant distance readings of up to 164', and includes several built-in area calculation functions, in case you’re a little rusty on your middle school geometry.

You could buy a $5 umbrella every time you get caught in a storm, only to watch it disintegrate before you get to safety, or you could invest in a Blunt umbrella for 20% off with promo code AWNB96E4.

Blunt umbrellas feature rounded safety tips to avoid poking anyone in the eye, include a special pocket for a Tile device tracker, and most importantly, can withstand winds of up to 72 mph (in the case of the standard model , others are lower). For reference, tropical storms become hurricanes at 74 mph, so if your Blunt ever succumbs to the wind, you probably have bigger things to worry about. You can see it in action in the video above, which personally left me slack-jawed.

Note: Make sure you’re buying from the BLUNT USA listing, not the listing, or else the code won’t work. You’ll still get Prime shipping.

These umbrellas hardly ever go on sale, but this week only, you can save 20% on either size, and in any color, with promo code AWNB96E4. The most popular models are the Classic and the smaller Metro:

Beyond those, you can also choose the Blunt Lite (which features a curved leather handle) or the Blunt XL , which is just a bigger version of the Classic. Any of them would make awesome gifts.

It won’t keep your water cold for 24 hours, but this Contigo Cortland water bottle will prevent spills with their patented autoseal technology. And, at under $10 in your choice of four colors, it’s something you’ll want to bring to the gym or to the office to quench your thirst. You can find all the color options on the product page .

If any of you own a FoodSaver—and I know for a fact that thousands of our readers do—you can get four vacuum-sealed fresh containers today for $32 on Amazon , and a special marinating container for $11 , both an all-time low prices. Unlike FoodSaver bags, they’re completely reusable, and also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Update: The 8% off coupon expired but the coupon code is still working.

We’ve posted a lot of deals in the past on these coccyx seat cushions, but when use the code 6CPWVGSG and add in the additional 8% off coupon, it brings it to one of the best prices we’ve seen to date , and this particular model is one of Amazon’s top sellers. These will improve posture and ease back pain in any chair where you spend a lot of time , from the office to the car to a long flight. 6CPWVGSG

Vacuum-insulated bottles can keep drinks hot or cold all day long, and Hydro Flask makes some of the most popular options out there. They’re retiring several old colors to kick off the new year, and you can save 25% on any product in one of those hues.

The very nature of this sale means that supplies are limited and won’t be restocked, so take a swig of this deal before the good stuff is cleared out. Just note that there’s no single sale page where you can see everything; you’ll just have to find the product you’re looking for, select Kiwi, Mango, Raspberry, Sage, Stainless, or Plum, and see the discount at checkout.

IR thermometers things are perfect for everything from cooking to finding air conditioning leaks in your house. But more importantly, they’re just a ton of fun to mess around with, so you should definitely pick one up for $12 if you don’t already own one.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your socks. For a limited time, choose any of the Barons Sock Club styles on this page, and you should see a 20% coupon on the product page that brings them down to about $10. Personally, I’m into the Blue Wave pattern.

Privé Revaux turned the sunglass industry on its head this year with a wide variety of attractive frames for just $30 each, but you can get them for even less today with this 25% off deal.

Over on Amazon, you can also browse the entire collection, and get any pair you want for just $23 with promo code PRIVER25. That includes ever popular aviator-styles like “The Commando ” and “The Dealer .”

Maker of our best-selling boxer brief s, David Archy is discounting some of their micro fleece robes today. They come in a bunch of different colors, so just find your size and enjoy. After the year we’ve had, everyone deserves a little relaxation time.

if you want to keep track of your new year’s weight loss resolutions, Anker’s ultra-popular Bluetooth smart scale is back on sale today.

In addition to functioning as a normal digital bathroom scale, the Eufy BodySense can measure metrics such as body fat percentage and body water, and sync all of that data over Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can see my impressions here , but it’s the most seamless and reliable smart scale I’ve ever personally used, and a great deal at $36, or about $14 less than usual.

The beginning of the year is generally the best time to buy fitness gear, and that holds true with today’s CAP Barbell sale on Amazon. Inside, you’ll find several types of weights and weight accessories marked down to great low prices, but just remember that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, and the best stuff could sell out early.

It’s about time you do some cleaning out of your drawers. Get rid of those laundry-day-only undies in favor of something you’ll actually like wearing. Aerie is giving you 6 undies for only $20, no code needed, which is kind of insane seeing as they usually sell them for $12+.

‘Tis the season for vitamins and supplements, and when you buy any two from this selection of 131 on Amazon , you’ll get 30% off at checkout. Options include daily multivitamins, protein powder, and even Clif bars, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a couple of eligible items.

Note: Must be shipped and sold by Amazon directly.

ThinkGeek is helping the nerds in your life get ready for the holidays. Score up to 70% off of a ton of products and apparel during their Winter Clearance Sale. There are seriously hundreds of items to choose from, which means every corner of geekdom is covered by this sale.

Sperry is ready to outfit your feet in fall styles with a couple deals for you to choose from. Right now, they’re taking up to 60% off a ton of things, no code needed. That includes the boat shoes we all know and sometimes love, snow and rain boots, and even sweaters, coats, and hats for the upcoming weather.

Top Media Deals

Akira is one of those films that should be in every anime movie fan’s collection, and Amazon’s knocked the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray down to $15 today , the best price we’ve seen since 2016.

Reading a hardcover compendium of LEGO Star Wars sets through the years might not be as fun as actually building and playing with them, but at $20, the book is cheaper than almost every one of the sets it covers, so it’s cheaper to live vicariously.

Top Gaming Deals

DropMix is an NFC-enabled card game that basically turns you into a remix artist, and it’s down to an all-time low $50 on Amazon right now .

Developed by Harmonix, of Rock Band fame, DropMix seems perhaps a little too ambitious—most people don’t have great rhythm, after all—but the game is executed shockingly well . There are multiple game modes, the base set includes 60 song cards from popular artists (though you can purchase expansions, naturally), and it’s beginner-friendly enough for anyone to play.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | $42 | Amazon

Update: They raised the price back to its usual $50.

Black Friday saw several enticing deals on the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn, but today, Amazon’s offering the best deal yet on the complete edition , which includes the Frozen Wilds expansion pack , some in-game items, and a few other bonuses.

You know the guy that makes The Oatmeal webcomic? He does card games too, and right now, everything you cold need for Exploding Kittens to be the best game possible is on sale.

First, the first expansion pack Imploding Kittens is on sale for $13 and grab 20 new cards, plus a human-sized Cone of Shame.

For an adults-only experience, Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition is down to an all-time low $16 as well. This once broke Kickstarter records, and boasts a 4.3 star review average from nearly 4,000 customers.

Look, we know that the Wii U isn’t the Switch, but if you have one and you love it, you can stock up on games at Target while they’re buy one, get one free. Just add two games to your cart and you’ll grab one of those games for free. Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Maker, and more are included.

What’s better than a fidget cube? A fidget dodecahedron , of course. Its 12 sides include 12 different things to occupy your fingers with, all for just $6.

The Humble Monthly subscription plan delivers you a selection of new games (to keep!) every month, gives you 10% off everything in the Humble Store, and donates 5% of each month’s proceeds to charity. If you prefer to play your games on PC, it might just be the best deal in gaming.

The latest month’s early access game just just went live, and it’s a doozy. You get Civilization VI, plus the Australian and Viking civilization and scenario packs, all for just $12 this month. You could even cancel your account immediately after downloading the games (not that we’d recommend it, for all of the reasons detailed above), and they’d be yours to keep. Needless to say, that’s the best deal we’ve ever seen on the latest Civ game.

Humble’s kicking off the new year with a staff-picked game bundle, including the likes of Bioshock Infinite, Punch Club, Shenzhen I/O, and even a $2 wallet credit if you’re a Humble Monthly subscriber*. As always, the games are DRM-free, and split across multiple price tiers, the most expensive of which unlocks at just $12.

*Speaking of Humble Monthly, there are only two days left to get this month’s games, which include Quantum Break and The Long Dark.




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