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In The Latest Chapter Of... Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Manga AniTay

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Chapter 49

The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, with Elda about to fall to the Yomotsu Hirasaka by the hand of Death Mask, Elda tries to fight her way out; but she utterly fails and falls to the Yomotsu Hirasaka…Her destiny is the land of the dead. Elda asks Death Mask why he has changed? Because even while he was a Dastard, and a royal pain he still believed that everything he was doing was for justice; Death Mask mocks her and says that was a mere shield for his weakness; but now that he is not weak anymore… He can be as honest to himself as much as he wants, after saying that he releases Elda to the pit.

While falling Elda starts feeling remorse and sadness since she wasn´t able to save Athena, nor her friends, nor she was able to avenge all the deceased girls of the Saintia Academy…

Memories start coming to her mind. An Island, there is a big fire and a Pirate Ship is outside; a Child Elda starts running towards other girl, one who was using the Cassiopeia Armor, Rebecca, the previous Saintia who dons the Cassiopeia Armor. The little child embraces her and says that she is worried sick for her, for this battle that she is going to face. Rebecca calms her down and tells her she is going to kick her asses! The enemies appear and Rebecca goes to fight her opponents, the Black Saints!

Some days later, at the Kido Mansion, Tatsumi, Saori´s Butler and bodyguard, says that the Black Saints defeated a Saintia wearing the Cassiopeia Armor, such equipment was retrieved and a child also came with them, she refuses to let the armor go. Tatsumi then tries to put the armor away from little Elda; but she is a fighter and won´t let him separate the armor from her! Tatsumi was losing his patience and was about to punish her until Saori stops him.

Saori presents herself and reveals that she is Athena, and even as a child she knows what is her mission. Also that Rebecca was a great Saint and if Elda would like…She can train and wear this armor… Of course if she uses it following a path of justice. Elda says that she will do it only for revenge! She doesn´t care about Saints, Saintias, Athena or Justice at all! Especially when such “Goddess” is just a spoiled brat just like her! Athena apologizes and says that she is right, she lacks the power right now to do something still… The ideals that Rebecca lived where the ones of a True Saint.

Suddenly both childs touch the Pandora Box where the armor is and the spirit of Rebecca can be seen, she is entrusting Athena´s safety to her, to follow the rules and never cling to darkness.

On the present Elda is able to go out and kicks Death Mask on his face! She has learned her lesson and someone dear to her reminded her why is she doing this, so she will kick his ass not because she has a grudge against him; but because he is stopping her on her mission!

Elda Attacks and it seems that the attack reached her closer! Still it was unable to reach Death Mask! Suddenly someone comes and saves Elda… Aries Mu!

End of the Chapter

Chapter 50

Death Mask´s armor has changed and now calls himself as “Punishment Death Mask”; Elda asks Mu how is he here?! Which the Aries Gold Saint says that while Death Mask is the one who can access to this place more easily there is always a way in, plus this is not Eris garden so the way in.

Mu explains that this Death Mask in front of her is a twisted version of the already deceased Gold Saint, his soul was captured by Eris before going to the realm of the death and alongside other evil spirits made the being that it´s in front of them, a Dryad… There fore Death Mask is only being used as the core for the Dryad in front of them.

Death Mask says that no one is using him, and that this red and black armor is perfect for him! Punishment Death Mask! Still, Mu says that before the person known as Death Mask gets his name tainted as a mere puppet, he will vanquish this being in front of him and will let the human being rest!

Mu Attacks and Death Mask does the same, the techniques of both warriors and their powers are equal for a moment until Death Mask´s Cosmos starts increasing while Mu´s one start decreasing! 

Mu then can see that while both where attacking each other a group of Undead started grabbing him, so the Aries Gold Saint not only has to fight against Death Mask; but against those Zombies! Death Mask uses another technique that augments the Yomotsu Hirazaka´s hole and the pit starts transforming into a black hole!

Looking at the whole picture and the need to do something Elda breaks the crystal wall that was protecting her and the other Saintias and goes to the action!

End of the Chapter

Chapter 51

This chapter starts with a memory; after the battle at the 12 temples, Elda got the news that Death Mask died. The Aries Gold Saint explains her that his killer was a Bronze Saint, Dragon Shiryu, Elda can´t believe those words, that a mere Bronze Saint was able to defeat a Gold one?! Mu explains the adventure of the 5 Bronze Saints who faced the Sanctuary and made a Miracle, they defeated the Gold Saints and saved Athena by risking their life.

Mu continues and explains about the “Ultimate Cosmo” the one that the Gold Saints manipulate and gives them all of their power; that Ultimate Cosmo can be attained by Bronze and Silver Saints too, since in the end in a battle the one with the highest Cosmo will be the winner. 

Back on the present, Elda´s Cosmos is reaching to new heights! It seems she is starting to reach that Ultimate Cosmos while she is going at full speed against Death Mask! Elda Attacks and it seems her attack is about to reach the Dryad!

Sadly, she wasn´t able to do it and now she is at the hands of Punishment Death Mask, who mocks her for being so close, yet so far of her goal. 

Elda understands she is in no position of winning and apologizes, yet she speaks to the human soul inside the Dryad , she accepts defeat and just have 1 petition to the person who once swore loyalty to Athena… If he could give her something? Death Mask looked confused.

Like a lightning Elda takes the chance that opened up in front of her and engraves her Kanzashi on the front of the Dryad, a huge light engulfs the place and the form of Death Mask disappears.

The Dryad in front of her present itself as Poena of Revenge, he says that the core (Death Mask´s Soul) is gone; but they can still get some other Core… Like Elda! The Dryad tries to get Elda! Elda is unable to move against the position of the Dryad!

Until the Cancer Gold Armor appears and protects her!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Happy new year! We start the year strong and that is by getting us to the latest chapters of Saintia Sho after some time of it´s disappearance! Now In a way it was a good thing since all of these chapters form a part of the same battle against Death Mask, so in a way there is no break of the flow; but enough of pretexts and lets go to the meaty stuff!

As I said above all of these chapters form part of the same battle against Death Mask, or Rather Pione of Vengeance, the Dryad who was using the soul of Death Mask as it´s core in order to move itself.

We get to know a little more of the past of Elda, and how she became a Saintia, and it was a very interesting story, with all of that of Rebeca and the attack of the Black Saints, who for the one who might not know, those where Saints that broken the rules and where expelled; at the same time their leader was Phoenix Ikki for a short while.

My complain on this past part was that it felt a little rushed, like it got to the point fast and just as how it came it went away; so I have hopes that when the volume version comes around Chimaki adds some more images in order to go a little deeper on that.

Another interesting point is the whole development of Elda, from being filled with frustration and a feeling of vengeance against Death Mask to start fighting him not because she wants to kill him; but rather because she is fighting in order to protect Athena, in order to keep peace on the Earth, for Justice; instead of fighting for personal reasons now she is doing it for noble ones.

Now other development Elda is having is about the “Ultimate Cosmos” which while it didn´t openly said it, it might as well be the Seven Sense, which is basically when a Saint goes Super Saiyan or something, and it seems that Elda reached it even for a brief moment, much like how Seiya and the other Bronze saints are able to reach such Cosmos at that point of the story, that only they are able to awaken it by little moments and at the gates of death… Thing that doesn´t happen with the Gold ones who can access to it whenever they want.

Now finally, the last chapter it showed us the Cancer Gold Armor, which is interesting since it either might be a some sort of redemption for Death Mask now that he has been purified; or the nobility of the Gold Armor protecting Elda; or that the Gold Armor has put its eyes on Elda to be in the future the new Cancer Gold Armor user (I truly doubt this is the case; but it would be very cool, no?) If you ask me it is because Death Mask is going to get a some form of redemption like yes, he is an asshole and kills without remorse; but he truly thought that everything he was doing was for justice… Still we will see what will happen.

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