You Really Aren't That Smart You Know

Mortal Dictata 12/22/2017. 14 comments

Some of you may have noticed a new nice person on Jez in the last few days. She’s going round, talking about how much she loves your opinions and how much she values the site. It’s almost too good to be true.

That’s because it is.

The new account of course is Mim who appeared only about a week ago now and is in fact none other than Meteor’s latest attempt to avoid consequences for her harassment and bullying. While at first that may sound like reading into things here’s some of the obvious signs it’s Meteor.

1) They share the same writing style

One of Meteor’s most common traits was the spreading of random capitalisation all over the damn place like they were sweets. Mim also shares that same pattern.

The above comparison also shows they both have an unnervingly bizzare obsession with talking about how the Greys are the real good guys and its just those who are ungreyed who are the real problem.

Another common shared trait is the use of emoji in their comments at the end of sentences.

2) The Obsession With Yours Truly

Meteor doesn’t like me which is no bloody secret as she made a routine habit of spouting shite about me directly or indirectly and trying to badmouth me to random people on the kinja sites. Mim, for an account only just created, seems to for some startling reason share that same obsession.

It’s almost like they’re the same person or something.

3) The Lovebombing Is Real

This is one of Meteor’s most well-known tactics and many have understandably fallen victim to it. “Lovebombing” as it’s known is when someone randomly starts sending someone else constant praise and affection for manipulation purposes and Meteor did that... a lot.

In fact outside of commenters it was the writers who got a lot of sudden love from someone who called them shills.

Now let’s look at Mim.

Same style, different day.

4) Lupus

Meteor talked about her suffering from Lupus quite a bit. Mim also totally by coincidence also has Lupus.

5) General Behaviour

As I brought up last time Meteor tried to start something Meteor had written a very strange post full of passive-aggressive ranting about some guy and his gang ruining Jez.

By sheer coincidence Mim has also written a passive-aggressive ranting piece about some guy and his gang ruining Jez.

Outside of that she also has the same tendency to randomly spout ramblings at articles. In case you forgot here’s the infamous “inter-racial relationships are colonial” post.

Now let’s see what Mim posted the other night

Again it’s the same ranting nonsense of Meteor.

So to sum up Meteor, we all know it’s you. Stop trying to pretend as though you’re super subtle.


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