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Mortal Dictata 12/16/2017. 6 comments

So it seems that Meteor, after attempting and thankfully failing to bully Short off the site last week, though a suddenly created burner is now horrendously bullying her and is funnily enough saying the same disgusting things as Meteor did to her and writes in exactly the same manner, has resorted to her little habit of spreading shite about me. This week that’s been attempting to spread a rumour that I’m not British at all but secretly a burner last year created by some user who wasn’t well liked around here, Flying Squid, I’m guessing in an effort to undermine myself and be association others who complain about her harassment.

In a rather fun to read if only for the conspiracy theories post Meteor has claimed a “compassionate soul” (read: two burners who conveniently have only posted one message each and only talked to her) has sent them evidence that I’m Flying Squid. Meteor claims she doesn’t want to copy and paste their “evidence” but I happily will so here it is:

So let’s run through this “evidence” shall we.

1. I use too much British English:

Umm, yes, because I’m British…

2. My “UK Updates” are things anyone could get from reading those websites:

What, you mean like how Barf Bag is a round up of stories from websites anyone in the world can read.

3. I don’t post at UK time:

Almost like it’s an American website or something. Also didn’t realise there were fixed times you could use the internet.

4. My first post appeared just after FS left last year:

Well I’ve had the same account for the last 6 years, here’s a post I made accidentally predicting LA Noire on the Switch way back in 2012.

So there’s that “evidence” ruined isn’t it. Now let’s talk about that fun conspiracy post shall we. There’s a section here where Meteor finally tries to say how this all started:

“And if you are wondering how all of this began, look at his screnshots where another commenter asked me “What’s with this guy” and I replied that I thought him to be grandstanding, etc. That’s all it took for this disguised MRA to come for me. Nearly every member of Jezebel talks about other members (too much, imo), and it can get VERY UGLY. Mine was a passing observation, but it sent this guy into a never-ending play for revenge. He has involved innocent bystanders (which really does grieve me) and his game is looking a bit desperate now.’”

Well now that’s not true is it Meteor, because this is what actually happened:

No initial request for any opinion from Meteor, she just chose to randomly click on the article and start the first of many hijacking of comment chains to badmouth me. They started this three months ago thinking just like the other people they’ve decided to bully and harass, like Short or Drugstore, that I’d just get tired of it and stop while they’d get their little kick before starting with someone else. But I didn’t.

When I subsequently went on the Root and joked that a “JezBecky” (referencing the then still infamous SNS thread regarding Charlottesville and Meteor’s involvement along with The Root’s following “Five Types of Becky” piece) randomly going after me on Jez, Meteor lost it because suddenly she wasn’t in control of the situation. To be honest the fact I’ve been allowed to post on The Root seems to be the source of all her anger, given the history of demanding Black people respect her for being an “ally”.

Meteor, is no one’s “ally” but just a little troll who several Jezebel commenters have now publicly pegged as the person who either attempted to or managed to harass and bully them off the site. She can try the little “innocent me” act some more, which is currently sweet-talking writers she previously called “shills” in a desperate bid to be ungreyed, but it doesn’t work anymore.

I may be loud, I may comment a lot, I may even be to some somewhat obnoxious, and I know a number of you don’t like me (and that’s fine).

Meteor however is just a bully and I don’t sit down quietly when a bully decides to start shit with anyone, let alone when it’s with me or my friends.


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