The Glorious 80's in my avatar...

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... is a 1986 Dodge Daytona TurboZ C/S in Gunmetal Blue Pearl Coat. With a suspension to die from. Not for - from. It is so stiff, it will literally break your neck. This is as God (Carroll Shelby) intended. All statements to the contrary will be punished extremely severely - you will be given a TC with the 6G72. No, it is not for sale. At any price. (Yes, I hope to bring it to Radwood 3.)

I also have a ‘95 Integra GS-R project in the wings, because as I have shown above, I have excellent taste in vehicles. No, it does not have a fart can. No, it has never been riced. No, it does not have a single non-broken component on the passenger side suspension. Yes, that includes the knuckle which is cracked. No, it does not have frame damage. No, I am not going to sell it to you. (Also hopefully to be at Radwood 3.)

Because David Tracy exists, I have to mention building an ‘82 Wagoneer. It has no appetite for rocks though. Instead it devours P255/60R18 tires because who doesn’t want a MPFI, supercharged AMC 360? (People who suck. And probably the EPA. That’s who.) No, I don’t own it. No, I do not want to build another one. No, you cannot afford it. (Unless you’re David Tracy and you have Jalopnik’s multi-bajillion dollar special projects budget. Call me!)

And when I get tired of an endless stream of pain, suffering, rust, impossible to source parts, and sleepless nights? I step away from my job in IT and wrench on my cars instead.

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