College Game Daze: Week 10 Picks

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Project Pat: 34 points (27-9 overall, 7-2 Game of the Week, Last Week: 3-1, 1-0)

Oklahoma +2.5 vs. Oklahoma State


NC State +8.5 vs. Clemson

I’ll take Clemson to win but almost every game this season as been a close one with them. Remember the Wolfpack lost due to a missed FG at the end of last year’s contest. REVENGE MATCH

#10 Miami +1.5 vs. #13 Virginia Tech

Turnover Chain will roll over the Hokies. Hokies are getting there but are not quite ready for the bigtime spotlight.

#7 PSU -9.5 vs. #24 Michigan State

James Franklin and Co. look to bounce back after the chokefest against Ohio State last weekend

OMAC: 29 points, (23-13 overall, 6-3 Game of the Week, Last Week: 4-0, 1-0)

Super busy so didn’t get to give these much thought (actually, maybe that’s a good thing). Hats off again to Project Pat — He’s been dialed-in all season and while the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet I can hear her starting to warming-up.

Game of the week: Oklahoma (+3.0) @ Oklahoma State

Who’s got the best “Gunslinger” ?

Rest of the Slate: Navy (-8.0) vs. Temple

Giving the Mids another chance to redeem themselves.

Notre Dame (-13.5) vs. Wake

If Notre Dame gets caught looking ahead to the “U” game this might get “iffy”.

Virginia Tech (-1.0) vs. Miami

A must win for both squads if they want to get to the ACC Championship game.
Same thing as usual ... Hokies offense needs to show some life. Miami needs
their Coaching staff not to be stupid.

A game I almost went with except I’m not *completely* insane: NC State (+8.0) vs. Clemson - Even though I didn’t go with this, wouldn’t be great if NC State pulled the upset !

Scotty B: 28 points (21-15 overall, 7-2 Game of the Week, Last Week 2-2, 1-0)

Oklahoma v. (-3) Oklahoma State

All I know for sure about this game is that the fun will never stop at the First Down Factory!

For the rest of slate, Scotty B reaches into the ol’ grab bag.

Arizona (+7.5) v. USC

The Trojans aren’t all they were cracked up to be, and Rich Rod has the Wildcats’ offense looking strong.

TCU (-6.5) v. Texas

The Horned Frogs are looking to get back into the conversation. Crushing Texas is a necessary first step.

Utah (-6.5) v. UCLA

The Utes face a UCLA offense that, without Josh Rosen at QB (injury), won’t have much, if any, punch.

Prowler: 28 points (21-15 overall, 7-2 Game of the Week, Last Week: 3-1, 1-0)

Okie State -2.5 vs Boomer Sooner

LSU +21.5 at Bama

Tide is good, but not that good.

Iowa +18.5 vs Suckeyes

Wadhington -16.5 vs Ducks

Neddy Ballgame: 23 points (19-17 overall, 4-5 Game of the Week, Last Week: 2-2, 0-1)

Oklahoma +2.5 vs. Oklahoma State

Sure, why not? Feels like a coin flip game either way.

Wisconsin -13.5 vs. Indiana

Two touchdowns should be enough, he said, hopefully.

Clemson -7.5 vs. NC State

NC State is not great on offense and Clemson is preeeeeettyyyy good on defense. Plus the return of QB Kelly Bryant to close to full strength should be enough for the Tigers offense.

Notre Dame -14 vs. Wake Forest

The Irish have been pretty good for me this season and Wake Forest lost their star WR to an injury last week.

Nasty Nick: 23 points (20-16 overall, 3-6 Game of the Week, Last Week: 4-0, 1-0)

Oklahoma +2.5 vs. Oklahoma State

Oklahoma 34 Oklahoma St 31 Oklahoma seems to always have a leg up in this series so I gotta go with Baker Mayfield and the Sooners. It’ll be a shootout for sure and I’m very excited to watch this one because of all of the scoring.

Clemson -8.5 vs. NC State

Clemson 28 NC State 17 NC State is at the hardest part of their schedule now with a loss to Notre Dame last week and will find the same result this week against a pissed off, 1-loss Clemson team. NC State will drop out of the rankings where they belong.

Miami +1 vs. Virginia Tech

Miami 24 Va Tech 23. Miami has been playing this game all year, barely sliding by opponents. They’ll pull some 2nd half miracles again and slide by the number 13 team in the nation. VA Tech doesn’t have the experience to win close games in hostile environments.

Alabama -21.5 vs. LSU

Alabama 41 LSU 0 LSU has no offense and no passing game. The only way to put up points against the Tide is to have an athletic quarter back or one heck of a passing game. LSU has neither. LSU back out of the top 25 after this week. Roll Damn Tide

Side note, pretty funny the committee placed them at #2 after Saban said he doesn’t care about the rankings

The King of the North: 22 points (18-18 overall, 4-5 Game of the Week, Last Week: 1-3, 1-0)

South Carolina (+23.5) vs. Georgia

Georgia is good, even great, maybe ever the best team in the country. But this feels like a classic: UGA pees all over their leg as they kick a come from behind game winning field goal with 0:04 left on the clock to win a nail biter they should roll. 

Iowa State (+2.5) vs. West Virginia

GIVE ME THE (wikis Iowa State’s mascot) CYCLONES. I have no idea how they are ranked 15 BUT I LOVE IT. What I also love is the wild card nature. Beats Oklahoma on the road and TCU at home. Loses at home to Iowa and Texas. IT IS SO LIT.

TCU (-7) vs. Texas

Texas is still not good. No matter what the boosters and Lee Corso tells you. They are still not good. They are 4-4. Their 4 loses are against the only 3 ranked teams they have played and a bad Maryland who dropped 51 on them. TCU is still one of the 8 best teams in the country and will likely score 70. Prediction- TCU scores 4 times as many points as Texas does. 

OU (+2.5) vs. Oklahoma State

Both teams are pretty good but can be terrible. I think OU is a tiny bit better. And OK State has had trouble scoring recently.

Killer Mike: 22 points (18-18 overall, 4-5 Game of the Week, Last Week: 3-1, 1-0)

TCU (-7) vs. Texas

The Longhorns defense is BAD (369 YPG and 21 PPG)

Auburn (-15.0) vs. Texas A&M

The Aggies defense is EVEN WORSE (379 YPG and 27 PPG)

Washington (-17.5) vs. Oregon

The Ducks defense is the WORST (370 YPG and 29 PPG)

OK State (-2.5) vs. Oklahoma

OK State has the better defense but Oklahoma has Mayfield. It’s honestly a toss-up but I’m sticking with defense and thank God: home field advantage. - Download Hi-Res Songs


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