Large dog handling

MisfitToy 10/01/2017. 15 comments

As some of you may know, I volunteer at an animal shelter. Well, today I got attacked by one of our pit bulls. I’m fine! Totally fine, but I’m seeking advice from those of you with experience handling large dogs.

I don’t really know what went wrong, I was on a walk with the dog and we were sitting under a tree, she was being so good and I was petting her and she was nuzzling my knee. Then, I don’t know, something shifted, and I knew that I needed to get on my feet. I did and she just... came at me with her damn mouth. I swear I could see her esophagus. She was jumping and lunging with the damn mouth and it was all I could do just to keep her away from me without retreating and without getting got, while scanning the ground for something to distract her with BUT without taking my eye off her. It was a tense moment! I’m yelling on the walkie talkie for someone to come help me (I was next door to the shelter), trying to keep this damn dog off me. No lie, I pushed her with my foot like a fucking MMA fighter. Probably not a good look but listen, when it comes down to me or the dog, I win. I was using my deepest, loudest voice saying OFF!, NO!, etc. I shoved a stick in her mouth, which worked for a few seconds, then she had my pant leg in her mouth. Like, fuck.

Then just like that, it was over. By the time my help came, she was fine and inspecting the grass closely like, who, me? Nah, that lady’s crazy.

Like, wow. That was a lot and scary. At the same time, if she’d really wanted to hurt me I’d be in the hospital right now. She got my hand, but didn’t break the skin, so she wasn’t trying real hard to destroy me, just fuck me up a little.

So after that I hung out with the chihuahua for a little while!

So, a few things:

I felt rather foolish, screaming for help like a lunatic and then the damn dog is fucking fine, just chillin like .

Like, is it me? Am I giving off prey vibes, like, hey pit bull, toss me around a little, it’s super fun.

And, wtf do you even do in that moment? I felt extremely vulnerable and panicked. Like, I’ve got a brachial artery here and shit to worry about. I’m going to go out and get a denim jacket to provide a little more protection for my arms, but aside from that... help? I’m going to ask the shelter for more training on Saturday when I’m in again, but I want to be proactive.

How do I take charge of a gaping mouthed pit bull, GT? I refuse to feel afraid, I’ve already made up with the dog, but I want to be more prepared for this in the future.

(I don’t blame the dog, she’s been pent up there for awhile, poor thing. It messes with their heads.)

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