Be a Tank, Healer, or DPS Against Toxic Comments

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It’s happened to most of us. We hear an online player say something toxic. We want to help the target of the nastiness, but we’re not sure what to say.

Here are three ways to help the target feel supported instead of left out to dry.

Tank: Say something short but decisive like “Not cool.” Even if the toxic player starts directing their toxicity at you, now you’re sharing some of the damage. You’re tanking for the targeted player.

Healer: Say something nice about or to the targeted player, ignoring the toxic player. “Help me flank them,” “nice shot,” - make them feel included and welcome in the game.

DPS: Choose this option if you’re good at staying cool, otherwise the DPS approach may escalate the situation. Target what the toxic player is doing and why it’s wrong. “Why are you attacking one of our own teammates? Focus on the enemy!”, “Your comment is contributing to make this game annoying for women to join. I, for one, don’t want this game to become a sausage party.”

These approaches probably won’t completely stop the toxic comments - although good for you if they do! What they will do is let your targeted teammate know that they’re not playing solo. They have a teammate, not just for the match, but for the social side of the game.

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