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Agrajag 09/05/2017. 21 comments
Whitenoise Photo Gallery Photo Gallery

It’s your weekly Photo Gallery! Come on in, take a look at what people have been up to over the past week and share some of your own photos.

They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera or works of art. Share any SFW photos you’ve taken with even the poorest of potatoes. Of course we love to see that arty stuff too.

Went to check out two parks in the township over. Both turned out to be pretty small with no trails or terribly interesting features.

Thought the dandelions in front of decaying log made for an interesting photo.

Big tree.

Having explored both within an hour I set back out with no destination in mind.

Got myself a little lost on backroads, but eventually figured out my general location. Happily, I ended up neara place I’d been wanting to go for some time.

So many flahrs.

Japanese maple!!(my favorite tree)

Nice day for a stroll at the beech. 

This area was so beautiful. I kept coming back here for a sit.

Peach Progress: Of fuzzenings!


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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

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