In The Latest Chapter Of... Saintia Sho (Ch.39)

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In The Latest Chapter Of... Saint Seiya Saintia Sho Manga AniTay

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Now let´s go to the Chapter!

Chapter 38

The Chapter starts with Xiaoling entering a forest; an old legend it is told to us that in the region of Thessaly, in Greece, it the most deepest part of the forest a tree exist; this tree has been harvested by Demeter herself.

It is said that the fruits of this tree [The fruit of the Gods] can cure everything, even the body of a God…

Now Xiaoling, it´s in search of that fruit!

Back at the Sanctuary, Mii is asking to the other Saints, Unicorn Jabu and Hydra Ichi, if they know where Xiaoling is? None of these Bronze Saints know her whereabouts; but they saw her going out with her armor in order to do “some task”. Mii explains them that in their investigations, Xiaoling found such legend about the Fruit of the Gods and she wanted to search for it.

Mii tells them about the conversation she had with Xiaoling the other day, that Athena is not in her best conditions, her cosmos is getting weaker and her body ´s temperature it´s going down to abnormal levels…

Mii reassures her that it is alright, that Athena´s body is just suffering from severe tiredness due to the incident with Eris back at the past history arc, so it is normal that her body is suffering for all of this.

Mii continues explaining that at the moment they are the only Saintias available, since Shoko still doesn´t wake up; and Katya and Elda still haven´t come back. SO yeah, they are the only ones who can help in taking care of Athena right now…

Later Xiaoling told her about such legend and her intentions to go and search for it. Mii told her that it is Ok; but she has to brought someone with her…

The disappointment on such words can be seen in Xiaoling´s eyes… Still she accepts. At the next morning Xiaoling wasn´t in the Sanctuary and left a note…

Ichi steps in and says that it is good and brave for Xiaoling, since this is a task she choose for herself in order to help, and in any case being over protective it isn´t good either, especially if the mission is to go and search for an herb so she will be fine…

Mii says that she though that too; but, it is said that in that forest the bad spirits are abundant an the always try to deceive people…

Georg, a Silver Saint of the Southern Cross constellation, steps in and says that he is worried too since the place where Xiaoling was going it is a close one to where Eris´s temple was, at the same time. Xiaoling was in the conflict that occurred in there, sleep; but she was there… So it wouldn´t be a surprise if the enemy is on the movie, after all Eris´s Cosmo is engulfing the Earth right now…

Meanwhile Xiaoling is searching for the Gods Fruit, she is thinking about what Mii told her, and in some form or other she recognizes that maybe she might be useless; but this much, at the very least, she can do!

Her search is fruitless (totally intended pun) and she is ready to give up, until she looks a weird light in the distance… She walks to that light and a song starts coming to her ears, one that remembers her of time long past now.

A Woman of Chinese heritage is the one who is doing such music, her music brings memories, memories of a kid Xiaoling who is watching Tv alongside other kid. Xiaoling knows who she is…


Yu-Fa salutes Xiaoling. The memories of both girls who grew together in order to become main entertainers in an acrobatic troupe, the friendship, the pain, the happy times and the sad ones… Everything for their objective of being the best acrobats they can be and bring smiles to everyone…

One day… Xiaoling was called for the Graad Foundation (Saori Kido´s companies) she will go to study abroad, in a far away place. Fuya was happy for her and with a flower bouquet they said their good bye.

In the present Xiaoling yells the figure in front of her to stop what she is doing! This is all an hallucination made in order to not let her keep going forward! Because… She knows that Yu-Fa can´t be here, such thing… It´s impossible for her now.

Yu-Fa, to call her in a way, says that in truth she is her childhood friend, she starts going to where Xiaoling is…

Yu-Fa then tells her that she has always been with her…

Suddenly her clothes changes, she is a Dryad!

The Ursa Minor Saintia will have to fight against an entity who is using the form of her friend!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

This Chapter is a nice setup for what is coming ahead; but nothing much… We get to see part of Xiaoling´s past; which is nice, still there it is that her whole history is still missing, especially because it gave us to understand that something happened to Yufa…

Still by looking at the pictures and what Georg said It makes me theorize that Xiaoling has some evil seeds in her interior, that the Yufa in front of her didn´t came as a separated Dryad; but rather it is similar as how Death Mask “resurrected” with Elda… Ergo it came from her.

Talking about the cameo appearances of Jabu and Ichi, it was nice since we get to know what does those guys do since in the original manga, after their appearance in the Galaxian Wars Arc they just disappeared and became more as a glorified extras… Still I think they won´t do much here regardless…

Finally I hope that the next chapters delivers a little more of content since I understand that the Mangakas have big pressures regarding the delivery times and all of that; but getting 20-something pages chapter can be a little too short for a monthly Manga.

Anyway, that´s my two cents…So see ya next time and happy reading! - Download Hi-Res Songs


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