Race Walk Leader Appears To Be Having Poop Problems [Updates: He Has Collapsed]

Timothy Burke 08/18/2017. 15 comments
Gross Shit Poop France 2016 Olympics Rio Olympics Race Walking

French race walker Yohann Diniz is leading today’s 50k, but his competition hasn’t been a, uh, cakewalk? It looks like Diniz either has severe gastrointestinal issues—at times shoving a sponge down his pants to soak up wet fecal matter, and then throwing the sponge off toward the crowd—or stuck a bunch of chocolate bars in his underwear for energy, and they melted.

That’s clearly it, right? It’s chocolate bars?

Update (9:53 a.m.): Diniz has just collapsed on the course. It was probably not chocolate bars.

Update (11:08 a.m.): He finished the race six minutes behind the winner.



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