BackTalk TotW International Waters Weekend Dance Party

Rooo sez BISH PLZ 08/22/2017. 11 comments
Theme Of The Week Olympics History Tennis Gymnastics Swimming Simone Biles Simone Manuel Venus Williams Rajeev Ram Rafael Nadal Marc Lopez Ivan Lins Peter Gabriel Milton Nascimiento Back Talk Dance Party

Honoring the elements and, also, our champions!
because we have several
Very Important and Historical Names
to be remembered tonight

Hall of Fame - The Script featuring

Amazonia – Deep Forest featuring Flavio Dell Isola (Deep Brasil)

África Brasil – Deep Forest featuring Flavio Dell Isola (Deep Brasil)

Radio Bélize – Deep Forest (Comparsa)

Remember the Name / Rafa Is the Name – Fort Minor

Rafael – Beatenberg

When The Earth Sleeps – Deep Forest featuring Peter Gabriel

Red Rain – Peter Gabriel

Umbrella – Rihanna

Milton Nascimento - Encontros e Despedida

Ivan Lins LIVE | Iluminados – Vitoriosa - Meu País - Madalena | SESC Brasil



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