A Lot of Celebrities Came Out to Support Leslie Jones After She Spoke Up About Abuse on Twitter

Aimée Lutkin 08/17/2017. 24 comments
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Leslie Jones appears to have taken a break from Twitter after a deluge of disturbing and extremely racist tweets were directed her way. But now, other celebrities are trying to spread the Leslie Jones love, and condemning Twitter’s inability to protect users.

Jones shared a sampling of the hatefulness she was receiving, which some people had the audacity to criticize her for:

Trolls were also photoshopping offensive tweets and attributing them to Jones:

Before Jones signed off, Paul Feig tweeted a hashtag to show love for Leslie Jones:

And lots of celebrities joined in to send her messages of support:

The abuse also appears to have sent Chrissy Teigen on a spiel about how Twitter needs to improve:

Hard to know if Leslie Jones has seen the positive messages or not, but if she’s reading this: You’re my fav Ghostbuster, Leslie Jones.

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