Northern Ireland Fans Give Hero's Reception To Guy Who Played Zero Minutes In Euro 2016

Billy Haisley 08/16/2018 at 12:03. 3 comments
Will Grigg's On Fire Fans Good Fans Euro 2016 Will Grigg Northern Ireland Screamer

Northern Ireland fans welcomed their boys back from their successful Euro 2016 run with a huge homecoming reception in Belfast today. While undoubtedly grateful to each of the 23 players who made up the squad that surprised everyone by making it out of the group stage, and especially to the 18 guys who actually saw playing time, the Irish fans saved their biggest response for Will Grigg, the eponymous star of the “Will Grigg’s on Fire” chant that took over the tournament, but who nevertheless didn’t make a single appearance in the actual games.

Northern Ireland fans are still the best .


Mister Gristle

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