Absolutely positively selling my '82 GTV6

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I just can’t keep up with her anymore. These cars require constant work, parts are becoming more scare every week it seems, and I simply don’t have the time to commit these days.

I’ve had it since Feb. 2009 and have done MASSIVE amounts of work, mostly small stuff like rewiring components, fixing grounds, repairing electrics, etc. Not to mention the front suspension, steering, wheel bearings, bushings, etc.

Anyway, I have a guy coming by this weekend to look it over, and even though it’s not running well (and if ANYONE has any ideas how I can replace the stock Bosch ignition control module, seeing as how there are literally none available and no one seems to know how to adapt the one from the ‘84-’86 version of the car to the ‘81-’83) he’s pretty interested.

But if any of you guys want to take a shot...

For some reason my Craigslist ad was flagged and I can’t repost it, so here you go.

UPDATE/EDIT: The car is presently not running well. My mechanic and I think it’s likely a dying ignition control module. Unfortunately, there are NONE available on the continent so I’m trying to source a spare just to test the theory. The car was thoroughly checked out recently and was given a clean bill of health, aside from this one issue. The car will start and run perfectly until it reaches operating temp, whereupon it’ll start to miss, buck, and eventually stall. It seems like an overheating ignition component is the problem. The coil is brand new so we’re looking at the spark box.

I have a surprisingly clean 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6. I love this car. I hate this car. It has only 70,000 miles.
Here’s what I’ve done:
Rebuilt the ignition system with help from Greg Gordon in Oklahoma. Had Elite Import tune the MAF.
The passenger side head was recently repaired due to a bizarre accident with an ancient bit driver. Brooks Elliott did the work. New valves, seals, and adjusted lash. New head gasket, of course.
New water pump.
New timing belt.
Mechanical timing belt tensioner.
New(ish) tires - less than 6,000 miles on them.
New battery.
Rebuilt the entire front suspension, sans A-arm bushings.
Rebuilt trans linkage with brass bushing.
Replaced every inch of flexible brake hoses, installed speed bleeders.
Silicone vacuum lines.
Fresh fuel hoses.
Rebuilt fuel pump & new filter.
Added lighting relays and rewired the entire system.
Replaced column switch assembly - everything works now, including turn signal cancel.
Stripped paint, repaired rust, repainted in original Alfa silver. Some chipping as a result of a badge being stolen and also the hood sliding during adjustment. Oops.
Installed ‘83 Recaro mesh head seats (highly desirable).
Personal Fittipaldi steering wheel.
Rewired and repaired all gauges except the clock.
Refreshed the interior... kinda.
Too many minor repairs and upgrades to list, like wiring & connectors, ignition switch, old-school Blaupunkt cassette deck, gaskets, etc.
Tried to get the AC working. Installed a brand new Sanden rotary compressor on an Alfa Milano mount. Installed brand new hoses and fittings. Bought a slightly used but leak-down checked parallel flow condenser. Never got it working though. Other priorities.

If this were a show car, it would be a 4 or 5. But in terms of every other Alfa GTV6 I’ve ever seen on the road? It’s a solid 8, just by virtue of its lack of rust, straight body, fresh paint, mostly clean interior, and that it runs like a new car. I also have several boxes of spares and leftovers, which are yours. You also get the complete CarDisc set of shop manuals on DVD, which is GOLD.

I had a baby in the middle of all this, then had another. I’ve found I just don’t have the time to spare to really get this car where I want it to be. Still needs more rear suspension work, shocks wouldn’t hurt, seats could be recovered, new dash or dash-cap, tail light circuit boards need to be replaced (currently jumpered to the moon and back, but they work), second gear synchro is worn (I have a complete spare transaxle though), some other odds and ends.

But when it takes me a month to find time to adjust brakes and replace the fuel filter... it just depresses me. Honestly, even though this car does not smoke, leak, shudder, hesitate, or display any symptom that it has engine trouble (and God almighty is that Busso V6 the best sounding thing ever, or what), and will smack the rev limiter like a Honda S2000, I’m worried if it DOES, I won’t have the time to fix it.

So here’s my proposal. I want a car that I can drive without constant anxiety attacks. If you have a CLEAN, unmolested Japanese car that would be a fun toy and auto-x machine, is NOT a project that needs a lot of work, and you’d either be open to a straight trade or trade plus cash on your side (I have no spare cash to sweeten this deal), then let’s talk.

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