Open Letter to Level 101-ers - One More Time: “You, X, Did A Racist Thing” = / = “You, X, Are Racist”

Rooo sez BISH PLZ 08/17/2017. 21 comments
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One more time, for the people who weren’t paying attention for the first seven years this clarification went live on the internet ... and who were, I guess, sitting in the back row throwing paper wads at each other like 8-year-olds (e..g, the clown writing this little screed in response to what Zuck did today ):

If you don’t understand that what you describe is *not* what Zuck did – since apparently the fear of the epithet (“X is a racist!”) seems to matter to you more than whether or not you – or the people he is calling out, who *deliberately scratched out a phrase calling attention to reinforcing a systematically and institutionally marginalized population’s equal rights*, since you still seem to be scratching your head over why what they did is highly problematic and, yes, racist - did or didn’t do a racist thing – it seems like you need to start at the 101 level.

Jay Smooth can help you.


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