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Notes on upcoming shows!

1. Valentine’s Day Show. I am in one number for this show, which is fine for me. I am not very invested in performing this show for some reason? I am sure I will get more excited, but I am feeling less than sure about the number I am performing. My counterpart (and occasional twin) Selia and I are doing a doubles act in a large aerial hoop while slowly spinning. The problem is, if we spin too fast, Selia gets sick and we have to stop the number. Out of the 6 or some times we have practices we have had to cut the piece short or end abruptly 50% of the time. She was a little disheartened with me when I said I wasn’t feeling 100% confident in our number because of this. She has also been a bit off with the shingle drug withdrawal so I am not taking it personally.

2. Wild Wild West Convention. My solo burlesque piece is pretty much finish. The costume is very cute and song is already on file and I have been running it to get feedback and the feedback has been positive. I am doing a little Russian piece to a Regina Spektor song.

My costume is a large coat with fake fur trim and a scarf on top with black heels. Underneath I have a yellow lace bra, lavender underpants, mint green garter belt (high waisted!), pink and blue thigh highs. I think either ear muff or a giant pink bow in my very blonde hair. Still looking for a pastel corset but I fear it is futile.

3. Eventyr. We are almost done with the Little Red Riding Hood piece, which is all floor work. The Little Mermaid began last night. The person who is “in charge” of it has some very good ideas. My only concern is being tired because two of us have 3 numbers in a row, and that is the last number of that sprint. Haven’t started on Cinderella’s part or the Hansel and Gretel aerial hoop pieces. Turns out I am the only one cast in that number with an aerial hoop background?

We have other possible shows to consider as well. In March at the end of the month we have a gig for a friend’s party. In April we may be performing at Lucidity. In May there is also our burlesque troupe’s show.

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