Making the Diorama: Day 1

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Diorama Making

I was gonna make a single post documenting the making of my diorama, but after day 2 I realized it was gonna be pic heavy, so I’ll have to break it up into parts. I got the instructions here, from Instructables.

This post isn’t as pic heavy as future ones will probably be, but I’ll group it by days. This was yesterdays’s progress.

I didn’t do anything except lay down the first layer of spackle. I quickly realized that using the spackle on carpet was a stupid idea. Not only do you put spackle on the carpet, you run the risk of rogue hairs getting on the putty knife. Not fun.

I actually used three different putty knife sizes. Since I’m cheap/poor, I got a pack of disposable ones at Walmart, since I figured I can just clean and reuse them.

The plaster I used was a premix one, since I have a lot leftover from house renovations.

After I applied the first layer, I let it dry overnight. This isnt too exciting, but a good foundation for what will be the blacktop needs to be done.

Edit: it’s suppose to be a 1/64 diorama for my diecast cars.

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