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On Friday October 16th, Selia, Igor, Eve and special guest Kitty BangBang packed up the vehicle and trekked out to the Northern most point of San Luis Obispo County – also known as Paso Robles – to be…classy? Diving away from their past shows of clowning and silliness, our band of merrymakers were off to be sensual and charming for a night.

Our troupe was performing at Mistura, a high end Peruvian restaurant in Paso Robles, and LXV wines, a local winery who were holding a very fancy 8 course dinner with 5 courses of wines! Appearances were made by Sparky, of Sparky and McTrowell, hotel owners, and wine club members of all types.

Everyone dressed fabulously. Before dinner was served, our gangs welcomed and chatted with the guests as they came through the door and were sat by an impeccable staff of waiters and servers. People took photos and commented how lovely we looked, but had no idea what surprises we had in store for them!

As the wine was poured and dishes brought out, our group provided visual diversions to pair with the delicious edibles set before the audience. Eve, Selia, and Kitty all performed with their silk fans, weaving in and out of the tables as well as climbing aboard the bar to give our audience a great view of their skills. Selia also decided the bar was an excellent place to tie her body into knots to gasps and cheers between bites and swallows. Igor captivated during dessert, mesmerizing the diners with his contact juggling skills.

Post dessert though we had an even more exciting treat – fire! With Eve performing fire safety, Kitty, Igor and Selia twirled lit hoops and poi to the amazement of our wined and dined guests. The night was clear and the fire burned bright. The night was a huge success. We hope to work with both the wine event organizers and the restaurant again, very soon.

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