Is It A Bad Idea To Autocross Your Daily Driver?

Autocross Daily Driver Chevy Cruze

My brother and I have been having this discussion for the last few days and I wanted to know what other people though. My brother just got his first car, a 2013 Chevy Cruze 2LT with the RS appearance package (picture above is from GIS, not my brothers car). It’s a 6spd manual with 1.4 Turbo engine. It’s a peppy little car and a lot more fun to drive than I was expecting. He’s getting new tires on it this weekend and I suggested he take out to a local autocross event in a few weeks to see how it does. He said he had considered it, but my dad overheard and told him he’d ruin the car doing so. I told him most people that go do autocross (at least around where we live) use their DD, and he probably wouldn’t even leave 2nd gear. But after he talked to my dad, he’s very reluctant to go try it out.

So my question to you Oppo is this: is it an acceptable risk to autocross you daily driver? Does the risk of what could go wrong or break outweigh the fun of dancing your car through the field of orange cones in the mall parking lot? I can’t think of anything going wrong with his car, especially because he won’t really know how to push it yet. The only thing I could see would be him mis-shifting or wearing down the clutch, but it should be getting a brand new clutch an flywheel in it this weekend as well. So, what are your thoughts? Have a WTCC Cruze on two wheels for your time.


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