Got some stuff...


Found some Land Cruisers (6) and grabbed three. Normally wouldn’t get that many at once but as I left just as many behind I don’t feel bad. Two are going to get customised and I’ll leave the third standard. Got my first mystery model, the wrapper looked like a thousand fingers have had a feel as it was extremely crinkled up. Turns out to be a cast called Avant Garde, a fantasy cast that looks to be inspired by the DS Citroen from certain angles. Also got a blue Silverado as I have the red one already and its a UTE!!

In related news I left my iPhone 6 plus on the shelf with the HW at the supermarket. It wasn’t until I was nearly home I realised I didn’t have it, must have got too excited by the LC casts that I forgot it. The drive takes around 25 mins so by the time I got back almost an hour had passed but luckily my phone was still where I left it! Phew!! Next time I’ll get a phone it will fit in a pocket comfortably. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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