AutoArt:  Porsche Carrera GT

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Another model that I’ve had for a while, but definitely one of my favorites. Still waiting for a decent quality 918 Spyder to give it some company! Enjoy!

There’s a little switch under the rear bumper to pop the rear spoiler.

Despite having two hydraulic struts, the engine bay won’t stay open on its own. Good thing I have a 1:18 scale broomstick!

These two leather straps are supposed to hold the removable roof panels in place, but it’s literally impossible to secure them properly. If you look really closely, the passenger side wall of the frunk has two little black holes where the straps are supposed to secure into. Ain’t nobody got time (or hand-eye coordination) for that!

The two removable roof panels stored in place.

The roof panels pop off easily so you can see the interior better.

I think they did a fantastic job on the beechwood gear lever, as well as the aluminum pedals.

The chicken wire mesh over the engine bay looks great, just like on the real car.

This model is a bit like the Ford GT : It was built before AutoArt really knew how to make plastic look like metal. If you look carefully at the black piece behind the silver engine, you can tell it is trying to mimic carbon fiber like on the real car. AutoArt hadn’t quite mastered the effect back then.

Blue center caps on the right...

And red/pink center caps on the left!

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