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Hello everyone and welcome to Fact Of The Day, your daily source of science fiction, fantasy and horror knowledge. Today is hump day, which means the week is halfway over. Rejoice my friends for the weekend will be upon us soon. For now though, there is still work to be done, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, and relaxing with a good factoid. And with that, here is today’s fact.

Did you know that Peter Jurasik, famous for playing Londo on Babylon 5 and Crom in Tron, co-wrote a science fiction story with a similar plot to Galaxy Quest called Diplomatic Act?

It’s not uncommon to see actors from science fiction television go on to either write, co-write or ghost write various books. Some of them are based on the character they spent years portraying on screen, such as John De Lancie’s I, Q, or more famously, Shatner’s TekWar stories. This was one i remember reading because it was almost exactly like the story of Galaxy Quest and because it had Peter involved. This is the basic plot as written on the back cover.

Coming to a Galaxy Near You!

Richard Faraday didn’t believe in aliens, even though he played one on TV Unfortunately, the aliens believe in him . . . or rather, they believe in Harmon, the alien diplomat Faraday plays on the SF program Star Peace. A war is threatening to tear the civilized galaxy apart, and only a diplomat as superb as Harmon can stop it. The problem is that the real aliens are just a little confused about the bizarre human concept known as fiction. They think Harmon is real....

Well, real or not, “Harmon” had better solve their alien problems fast or Faraday, galactic civilization, and Earth itself will be abruptly cancelled.

Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the book with me, so I can’t really attest to it’s quality. I remember liking it when i first read it, it was prety good for a mass market sci-fi novel. While it is similar in some reguards to the Galaxy Quest movie, the book came out in 1998 and the movie came out in 1999. The book is also very political, with the alliance between the alien races being a major factor in the story which isn’t a thing in Galaxy Quest. Overall, I think Peter found he could use his experience as an actor in a science fiction show to craft the character and use that to try to determine how he might act in these situations. If you’re interested in learning more, here is the Amazon page.

Well folks, that’s all I got. Have a great day, and i’ll see you next time, here on Fact Of The Day.

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