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Finally got to put some time in on the new WJ yesterday. For not seeing a good cleaning or wax in a loooong time I think she came out great. Also tacked in a repair on a small hole in the exhaust, changed the oil out with a high capacity Mann filter and Castrol, started cleaning underneath for undercoating, took a trip and am just approaching 51K miles on it. Rained this morning and saw the fruits of my labor in the beading. I am going to see how truly robust these 4.0l WJ’s are from here on out since we won on this rig. I do however need some pointers on how to refinish these wheels. They just were never cleaned and the clearcoat is all screwed up on them. Tires are next on the list anyhow. Anyone have a decent easy method for refinishing, or should I just pay someone to do it?

12K miles in 2011


And then my best friend made us a hell of a burger spread. Winning - Download Hi-Res Songs

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