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Happy Memorial Day everyone. It is on this day that we remember those who have fallen in defense on the United States of America. No matter your politics, i think we can all agree we should remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Well, this isn’t a military or political blog, it’s for science fiction, but that dosen’t mean we can’t use this holiday to remember those who fell in battles from our favorite works of sci-fi and fantasy. I actually had a different topic for today, but i decided to move that one up a day and do a column somewhat related to the holiday. Thus today’s FOTD is all about battles, those who fought and those who fell. I will only be including battles I can find data on for the number of lives/ships/etc lost. I encourage to add ones I might have missed in the comments below.

Star Trek

Battle Of Wolf 359

United Federation of PlanetsBorg Collective
Notable commanders
Admiral J.P. HansonLocutus of Borg
40 starshipsOne Borg cube
Casualties and losses
39 starships destroyed
11,000 killed or assimilated
Light damage to Borg cube

Wolf 359 was where Lt. Cmdr Benjamin Sisko’s wife Jennifer was killed.

Battle Of Cardassia

Federation Alliance
United Federation of Planets
Klingon Empire
Romulan Star Empire
Cardassian Liberation Front/Military
Dominion-Breen Alliance
Cardassian Union
Breen Confederacy
Notable commanders
Captain Benjamin Sisko
Admiral William Ross

Klingon Empire:

Chancellor Martok

Romulan Empire:

General Velal

Cardassian Liberation Front:

Legate Damar
Female Changeling

Cardassian Union:

Legate Broca

Breen Confederacy:

Thot Pran
Casualties and losses
Third of initial allied fleet, including Romulan flagship
Over 800 million Cardassian civilians murdered by Dominionfleet
Damar killed in action
Unknown; severe
Broca executed
Weyoun killed

Babylon 5

Battle of Independence

Conflict: Earth Alliance Civil War
Date: 2260
Place: Epsilon System
Result: Decisive Rebel victory

Babylon 5
Earth Alliance Resistance
Minbari Federation

Earth Alliance Loyalists
  • Destruction ofEAS Churchill(all hands)
  • Two dozen or moreStarfuriesdestroyed
  • 20-30 security personnel KIA
  • Major damage to Babylon 5
  • Hundreds of injuries
  • Destruction of 2 Omega class destroyers (EAS Roanoke & EAS Agrippa)
  • Destruction of 2 Hyperion class heavy cruisers
  • Loss of 2 to 3 entire Starfury complements
  • 30-40 Marines KIA
  • 20-40 Marines captured and/or WIA

Battle of Proxima 3

Conflict: Earth Alliance Civil War
Date: September 2261
Place: Proxima III
Result: Army of Light victory

Proxima III liberated
Some Clark-loyal forces defect.


Army of Light/Earth Alliance Resistance

Earth Alliance
  • Captain Trevor Hall, Fleet Command:EAS Heracles
    (relived of command)

EAS Heracles - flagship
EAS Juno (withdrew)
EAS Furies
EAS Vesta
EAS Pollux
EAS Nemesis
Full Starfury complements from each Destroyer

  • At least one Whitestardestroyed, several others damaged.
  • At least a dozen Starfuries destroyed
  • EAS Pollux
    • Captain Morgernstern
    • All hands
  • 20+ Starfuries destroyed

Those are just a few i could find but there are many more. Not all have official stats that i could find such as the various battles that occurred during Battlestar Galactica, or the universe wide conflicts like the Q Civil War or the Last Great Time War. Please feel free to add any additional battles or conflicts in the comments below.

Edit:Thank to LoboTom for posting this scene from Space Above And Beyond. That show had slipped my mind when i was doing my research and it shouldn’t have. Truly a great show and it still holds up well years later.


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