If Any Player Deserves The Comic Book Treatment, It's Chris Paul

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If any point guard leads a double life as a superhero, it’s probably renowned assister, Chris Paul. Showcasing his fiery demeanor, versatile shooting skills, and of course, exquisite foresight requires a medium with energy and intensity. So we found a seasoned sports illustrator to turn this visionary player into a comic book hero.

Award winning illustrator, Michael Byers, spent months bringing Chris and his twin brother Cliff to life. Click through the comic book below to see his dynamic depiction of their assisting prowess.

What makes Chris Paul an ideal comic book character? Like a grandmaster chess player, Paul somehow manages to stay a step ahead of his opponents — always ready to assess a situation and deliver a flawless assist. And just like his twin brother, Chris, State Farm agent extraordinaire Cliff Paul was also blessed with amazing foresight. But in Cliff’s case, the beneficiaries of his visionary assists are his State Farm clients — some of whom he helps before they even know they’re in need of assistance.

Chris and Cliff Paul have helped countless teammates and clients with their foresight. Contact your local State Farm agent today to learn how you can benefit from visionary assistance.

Michael Byers is an Ontario-based illustrator who creates fun, dynamic, and emotionally driven illustrations. His work has been published in many forms and places such as; The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, LA Times, and Village Voice. He has also been featured in Communication Arts Fresh section, and was named one of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Luerzer’s Archive.

Craig Lowell is a Brooklyn-based writer. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, NBA TV, TheFanHub, TheSportsPost, and the North Adams Transcript.

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