Buying a (Relatively) New Car Part 1

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Here's the story of my first ever car purchase from a dealership:

First, some background information. You know how kids think they know everything and are convinced that the world will bend to their will? That wasn't me but I still managed to get stuck in a bad car buying situation.

I had just graduated college In South Carolina, my wife and I were moving 1000 miles away to Oklahoma, and both of our beater cars had broken down. My 01 Altima broke the timing chain after days of severe rattling, my wife's 99 Alero was just a mess. It had an exhaust leak, it idled rough, it would die if you tried to drive it up a hill after you had stopped; more than once my wife was stuck in an intersection with a dead car. Thankfully, it always started back up but seriously, after all those problems, we knew we wanted a newer car. We sold the cars to a junkyard before we left South Carolina after going 2 weeks without a car of our own; we had to borrow the neighbour's Nissan Titan.

I learned how to drive stick on that Altima; the lady we bought it from gave us a deal or no deal situation so I drove it about 20 miles home with about 5 minutes of previous manual driving experience. Suffice to say, I learned quickly.

After all the issues I encountered with both cars and not having a budget to actually fix them, we decided that a newer car was the way to go. Thankfully, her parents were able to bring their big diesel pickup to tow our U-Haul to Oklahoma so we could wait to buy a car.

We got to Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 14th after leaving on December 13th after graduating on December 12th with my new job starting on December 15th. I borrowed a car for a week until my wife was browsing the internet on Saturday morning when she found our next car. Any guesses?

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