Channing Tatum Is Back on the Pony in the Magic Mike XXL Trailer

Madeleine Davies 08/19/2017. 15 comments
Clitbait Magic Mike Magic Mike Xxl Channing Tatum

"YOU'RE WELCOME," screams Magic Mike XXL trailer, leaving the "...for the fine array of methodically waxed, shirtless dudes" to be implied by your desperate horny eyeballs.

In our first look at the Magic Mike sequel, we learn that Mike (Channing Tatum) is still pursuing his reclaimed furniture carpentry career (LOL, how did I forget that part?), but is growing a little tired of it. Like, maybe he wants to get back into the world of dance? And maybe he wants to take his clothes off while doing it? And maybe he wants to be around other guys who like doing the same thing?

You can take the Mike out of the Magic, but you can't take the Magic out of the Mike.


Kate Dries
imTired™thatisall, Global Socialite

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