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Anyone else deal with this? LordSparrow and I have very different communication styles/needs. He comes from a large family of loud people who all talk over each other; I was the only child of a single mother who learned to be unobtrusive and wait for my turn. This creates issues. Growing up in my house it was absolutely expected that you let a person finish speaking before speaking yourself. Interrupting was considered incredibly rude and aggressive. I've brought it up a lot in these last 8 years to little effect. He does care that it makes me feel bad, but I feel like he still puts the onus on me to correct it. I know it would be helpful for me to be more aggressive about saying "shut the fuck up, I'm talking", but I sincerely feel like I shouldn't have to do that multiple times a day every damn day of my life to my fucking partner. I feel like once I've said, many times, "this feels aggressive to me and shuts me down conversationally", at some point he should take responsibility for trying not to do it. I don't enjoy "conversations" where both people are just talking at each other at once. I don't want to have to fight to be heard in my own home. That's what the rest of the world is for, right? I think that's the core of it for me. This is my home, my safe space, the place where I should be able to be heard without fighting for it.

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