Cars and the Millennial Generation

11s 10/14/2017. 0 comments
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By: Preston Felty (@burningpetrol).

This generation is screwed. You may be thinking sarcastically, "What a great way to introduce a piece," but bear with me for my short rant. I am writing to you as a part of the millennials, "A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000." But enough of the lesson, I am 19 years old, thus placing me among these "millennials" myself for my short time on Earth, but I think I have a solution for making this generation less miserable, and that answer lies in cars.

"Kids these days," yeah I said it. "But you're one of those kids!" Sure I am, but not quite. I am a car enthusiast, where age is forgotten because it is the passion that connects people beyond quantitative measures, but yet more importantly gives individuals a focus, something to love, something to obsess over that provides a true meaning that is not superficial, or artificial, like Kim Kardashian's lips. Society is dampening the importance of getting down and dirty, urging people to focus on E! News. "Download the latest Clash of Clans game off the App Store and join the fight!" Or my personal favorite, expressing the "importance" of one's follower to following ratio on Twitter (because we all know those 5,000 followers you have are true meaningful relationships...). What has happened to auto workshop classes in schools? How about working on the '68 Fastback with dad in the garage? The millennials are missing out on the physical perks and life lessons, like responsibility and determination, that were once taught from working on the old F-100 with grandpa in the garage. Now we just sit back and watch Netflix with our big bags of Lay's and soak up the newest episode of South Park. I suppose "I have a dream" that the people of my generation will move from the couch and back into the garage, where cars offer far more than just a means of getting from A-to-B. Cars teach us about life just like their owners, each with a unique story of their own. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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