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The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island

1981 NBC TV movie.

Let's remember 'The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island'

It involved robots, scheming millionaires and lost of basketball.

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Directed by Peter Baldwin. With Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer. The staff…

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La creencia de que un año humano equivale a siete de perro es falsa: así envejecen realmente

Existe la creencia popular de que un año de vida en los perros equivale a siete humanos en términos de envejecimiento. A menudo hasta establecemos comparaciones sobre la edad de nuestros amigos peludos en base a esta equivalencia. La realidad, sin embargo, es bien distinta.

Estas son las razas de perro más y menos inteligentes del mundo según un psicólogo canino

A menudo tendemos a considerar...

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Dear Science and Academia Friends (all others invited too)

Please go to Twitter and check out the #ArrestedScience, #ScienceNineNine, and #ScienceAndRecreation tags.

From what I understand, it started as field science related to Arrested Developmet gifs and has exploded (in a good way!) from there.

As a former field scientist, some of these hit a little close to home.

Others have more broad application

Oppo exclusive

Xbone 1: Civic Type-R mini game guide

Click on this image when it pops up on your home screen.

See that there’s prizes. (None of which are the damn car) :’(

Open game

Stick car and upper corner (there’s no left/right control, only up down) were nothing will touch it.

Leave game running like this while you post about it on Oppo and hopefully win one of the prizes.

Exciting News: Toys 'R' Us Is Selling Sex-Toys-R-Us.com

As part of a fire sale to repay its debt, beloved and bankrupt toy store Toys “R” Us is offering up its intellectual property—which not only includes its name and trademarked mascot, but also all the inactive domain names it bought up to avoid potential embarrassment.

That’s right: kinkytoysrus.com and its frisky partner, sex-toys-r-us.com, are on the market.

Toys “R” Us, headquartered in my...

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Endangered Species Protections Moved at a Snail's Pace This Year

On Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service denied endangered species protections to the blackfin sucker, the Mohave shoulderband snail, the white-tailed prairie dog, and the Woodville Karst cave crayfish. The FWS determined that populations of these animals are “stable,” “healthy,” and “protected.” Conservationists vehemently disagree, and were quick to condemn the decision as more...

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One of the Best Drum Charts in the <i>Rock Band</i> Series

The best songs are not always the ones that show off the greatest technical skills with their instruments. By a similar token, the best moments in games are not automatically correlated with how challenging they are. Plastic instrument rhythm games—Rock Band especially—demonstrate the intersection of both points.

My favorite instrument to play in Rock Band—the reason why I was so excited for...

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I'm National Book Foundation Executive Director Lisa Lucas, and This Is How I Work

Since 1950 the National Book Foundation has awarded the National Book Award to authors such as Colson Whitehead, William Faulkner, Beverly Cleary, and Jesmyn Ward. The Foundation also runs several programs for readers and writers, including the BookUp after-school reading program. In March 2016 the Foundation hired Guernica publisher Lisa Lucas as executive director. We talked to Lucas about...

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Porsche 911 GT3 Race Car Takes Horrifying Tumble After Crashing on the 'Ring
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The Nürburgring Nordschleife; a treacherous track that has chewed many a driver’s car to a gnarly pulp. The unfortunate driver of this now-pile of broken Porsche is John Shoffner from J2 Racing, but luckily, he came out of it all OK in the end.

Racing in a recent VLN event, Shoffner’s 911 GT3 Cup was barely...

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Do You Have To Keep Inviting A Friend to Events Who Always Says No? A Discussion.

Every day across this land (and presumably across lands across the world), butthurt friends and associates get into their feelings about an alleged slight. You’ve been there. I’ve been there. We all scream for ice cream.

You’re doing what we all do during the course of the day, skimming your Facebook timeline or perusing Instagram for the latest semi-nude IG model pics natural hair products...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/the-10-best-deals-of-october-13-2017-1819456276" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">The 10 Best Deals of October 13, 2017</a>
#1: OLED TVs

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors —and who doesn’t?—this 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1600 today on MassDrop, or $2600 for 65", both at least $400 less than what Amazon’s charging

As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer , and the colors more vibrant than any...

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Where to Give On Giving Tuesday

You’ve survived Thanksgiving with your family, braved the deals at your local mall for Black Friday, and finished off your first wave of online shopping during Cyber Monday. Now, get ready for Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving that kicks off the holiday’s charitable donation season.

How to Donate Your Time

Your donation does not need to be monetary in nature this Giving Tuesday....

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<a href="https://thetakeout.com/college-student-mcdonald-s-poster-wall-prank-texas-1828799571" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">College student&#39;s excellent prank hangs on McDonald&#39;s wall for 51 days<em></em></a>

Most college students’ hijinks are dumb and destructive. Toilet papering a building? Yawn. Streaking through campus? Mildly amusing at best. But a University Of Houston student’s recent prank on a local McDonald’s is not only slickly executed, but actually makes a point.

The student, identified as Jevh M. on social media, created a fake advertising poster for McDonald’s featuring himself and...

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LaCrosse Rallycross!

They're running again this weekend.

And you should come! It's a ton of fun, and I'd like to meet some more of the Midwest Opponauts.

With 8 timed laps and an hour of practice laps, you can easily get in around 15 laps or so.

More info: http://www.scclac.org/wp-content/upl…

Such Oppo! (rallyx photos)

The photos from last Sunday finally got posted!

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Use This Modified Google Search URL to Avoid Spoilers

We’re sorry, Chaim Gartenberg. The Verge reporter recently learned a harsh lesson about the power of Google’s autocomplete feature when he tried to do an innocent search for a character from the brand-new God of War game. Wham! Spoiler, right there in the autocomplete field. He didn’t even make it to the (spoiler-filled) results.

He’s not the only one. If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Last...

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We’re picking up the story in Deadly Premonition right now on Twitch

We’re picking up the story in Deadly Premonition right now on Twitch. We’re getting close to catching the killer but need a bit more help. You’ll help, right Zach?

Enjoy the newest Ad of Harukana Receive anime

It will premiere in July 6

Kadokawa has uplaoded a new ad for the upcoming anime of Harukana Receive which you can see bellow:

Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga and will publish it this Fall. It describes the story as follows:

“When high schooler Haruka moves to Okinawa, she finds herself enamored with the beach right outside her front door and resolves to form a...

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Cómo subir archivos GIF a Instagram de manera rápida y sencilla
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Instagram sigue siendo uno de los lugares más populares a los que subir nuestras fotos, pero también sigue teniendo un handicap: no es posible subir directamente archivos en formato GIF. Afortunadamente, hay varias maneras muy fáciles de rodear este inconveniente.

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Women and Men of Color Pay an ‘Emotional Tax’ at Work That’s Detrimental to Their Overall Health and Ability to Thrive: Report 

There is no question that navigating the world as a woman of color is a unique experience. The combination of sexism and racism we face as we move through our individual lives, including in the workplace, can also result in us being wary and on edge in a way that impacts our health and even our ability to succeed.

“Emotional tax” is what a new study from researchers at Catalyst—a nonprofit...

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Point Break (1991)
FourFingerWu 6 minutes ago. 0 comments
Point Break (1991)
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New purchase Blu-ray. Old surround sound system with no digital connection but a good woofer. Not bad for a Sony I got in 2001. Saved this new one for the right moment.

16 Totally Awesome Facts About Point Break

Before you ride that last wave during the 50-year storm, see if you know everything about Point…

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