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These Are the Five Best International Travel Adapters

The experienced international travelers in our audience have weighed in with their picks for universal power adapters, and now it’s time to vote for the best. Check out the five nominees below, and be sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom of the post.

What's Your Favorite International Power Adapter? 

The world really should get on the same page and adopt a single AC power standard,...

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Get New Home Goods for Presidents' Day With Discounts at Target

Like I always say “The best way to celebrate Presidents’ Day is with some new furniture.” Maybe not, but with Target taking up to 30% off home goods, plus an extra 10% off with the code PRESIDENT, it’s pretty easy to see why it’s a good way to celebrate.

Have any of you wondered what a French Demo Derby is like?  

I was browsing Vice today and I came across a photo article about a French Demo Derby. I thought we only did this in the US! It was interesting to see the different cars that they use compared to the Big steel framed monsters (that are left) we use here in the US.

Photos from a Muddy, Messy Demolition Derby in France

Winning just isn't that important at the Rodeo Car Club.

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How to Get the Best Volume Control on Apple's HomePod

The HomePod ’s best feature is its sound quality, but Apple also went above and beyond when it comes to controlling the volume of your music. Sure, you could just tell Siri to “raise the volume” or tap the buttons on top of the speaker , but for the best results try adjusting the HomePod’s volume on a scale of 1-100.

Apple offers a few different voice commands for doing just that. Try saying...

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Buy Yourself Another Pair of Versatile Kitchen Shears For Just $5

If you’re like me and can never find your kitchen shears when you need them, grab yourself another pair for just $5 today. These even come apart for easy cleaning, and might have more uses than you think , like cutting pizza, de-veining shrimp, and chopping up canned tomatoes in the can.

Amazon product B00R3Z4FR4 Eight Smart Ways to Use Your Kitchen Shears

The humble kitchen shears are an...

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Monday's Best Deals: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Eufy Night Lights, Workout Gear, and More

Amazon’s popular Fire TV Stick , 3- and 4-packs of Eufy night lights, workout gear from adidas and Reebok , and more lead today’s best deals.

The Best Labor Day Sales

These are the best Labor Day sales happening right now, so you can spend the money you’ve made from …

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Top Tech Deals

Amazon’s popular Fire TV Stick never seems to be included whenever Amazon runs sales on their...

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WANT BADLY updated

I will trade sugar if I have to, I want this that badly! 100% NP

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I know it isn’t the right year (1967) But I love the look of this Firebird! Would be perfect for shenanigans and such.

Update: Ugg, can’t get this stupid car out of my head. Should I sell my Austin Healey and buy this?

I am probably asking too much, but there it is, for sale.

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My bird IS the word
<a href="https://ofertas.univision.com/al-fin-podras-anadir-un-termostato-inteligente-en-casa-1820084479" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Al fin podrás añadir un termostato inteligente en casa gracias a estas rebajas</a>

Si todavía no tienes un termostato inteligente en casa, estas rebajas de Home Depot de hoy te ofrecen una oportunidad para hacer tu hogar un poco más inteligente. Puedes elegir entre tres modelos diferentes, incluyendo algunos estilos más antiguos de Honeywell por $69 (con Wi-Fi) y también está el Ecobee3 con un par de sensores de temperatura.

Guarda Ofertas Univisión como favorito y síguenos...

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ESPN Host John Saunders Dead at Age 61

Beloved ESPN host John Saunders has died at the age of 61, ESPN reports.

Saunders covered college football, basketball and the NHL for the network and was the anchor of SportsCenter and The Sports Reporters.

Saunders, who was born in Canada, was an all-star defenseman in the junior hockey leagues of Montreal and also played at Western Michigan and Ryerson Polytechnical in Toronto before...

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Este es el aspecto real que tenían dos adolescentes que vivieron hace 30.000 años, cuando aún había mamuts

Los ojos de estos dos jóvenes de aspecto tan serio vieron mamuts vivos. No es una afirmación muy descabellada teniendo en cuenta que ambos vestían pieles adornadas con huesos de mamut cuando murieron, hace nada menos que 30.000 años en lo que hoy es Siberia.

Esta es la inquietante cara de un hombre que vivió hace 700 años

Esto puede parecerse a una fotografía, pero la cara tan realista que...

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Tamales y Atole
The hunt for the 2nd car continues

Oh, and it's fun. I just found awesome stuff that I didn't know existed.

Like things that would make 505 jealous.

First, the idea of tooling around Europe in one of the crappiest American cars ever manufactured sees like fun. Also, it's in amazingly good condition. For what it is, I want to preserve it.

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I didn't know this kind of beastie existed. What does it remind you of?

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505 - morphine not found
Nightmares of a Good Vintage
Setsuled 3 minutes ago. 1 comments
Nightmares of a Good Vintage

This is a page from a late 19th century collection of Edgar Allan Poe poems, stories, and his essay on writing. I saw it on Friday when I went with the class I’m taking on Horror Cinema and Literature to look at some pieces from the San Diego State University library’s special collection. My camera’s battery was dead so my classmate, Megan, was kind enough to send me photos she took with her...

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Chick Counterfly
How To Make Windows 10 Change Color to Match Your Desktop Wallpaper

Now that you’ve installed Windows 10 and mastered the basics of Microsoft’s new operating system, you’re going to want to start digging deeper into some of the customization options available—like automatically changing the system interface colors whenever you pick a new wallpaper image.

Windows has a long and proud history of letting you tweak the interface to get it just the way you like...

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The Artgineer
Goodnight Oppo
gettingoldercarguy 3 minutes ago. 1 comments


Hot Sixty 4th: Truckin' Tuesday With The Blues (Brothers)

Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Woo hoo, I am now in the 80's so with my 80th post it will be 2 Big Blues.

Like brothers, both came from the same family with different functions. On the left is the Greenlight International Durastar Box Truck series 5 with the Good Year logo and Greenlight International Durastar 4400 with the NYPD logo.

This is the...

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The Mets Celebrated With A Beer Slip 'N Slide

The Mets’ victory celebrations had everything from smoochin’ to sprayin’, but the cherry on top was a beer slip ‘n slide in the locker room. Which meant, in practical terms, dumping a bunch of beer on the floor and sliding through it.

Jon Niese appears to be the only one who gave it a go, which is probably good: that looks kind of dangerous!


Björn Burner
Triple Dribble
Finally I see something remotely affordable.

Make: Suzuki Model: SV650 Year: 2001 Kilometers: 20,848 Description: Bike runs great with…

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Not that I have $2000 currently, but window shopping is depressing when everything is more than twice what you can budget when you are dreaming.


SilentButNotReallyDeadly...now with two spares but no snorkel
Friday's Best Lifestyle Deals: Uniqlo, Aerie, Sephora, and More

Sephora’s Weekly Wow deals, 10-for-$31 underwear at Aerie, Uniqlo’s discounted Ultra Light Down and free shipping, and more lead Friday’s best lifestyle deals.

Friday's Best Deals: Bluetooth Speakers, Sheet Sets, Instant Pots, and More

Start off your Friday with not one, but two, sheet set Gold Boxes, bluetooth speakers, Instant…

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Sephora isn’t known for their...

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Watch: <i>Dances of the Diaspora:</i> Using Movement to Connect With a Higher Realm

For street dancer Storyboard P, dance is more than a form of movement. Dance is intuitive. It is a form of therapy, a means of communication, an escape from reality and a way to connect with a higher realm.

“Expression is an avenue to get a means to a way out,” Storyboard P told The Root.

Storyboard P, whose given name is Saalim Muslim, started dancing at house parties. The Brooklyn, N.Y.,...

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