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Boom! late lunch a vir. 
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Boom! late lunch a vir. 

(Photo taken from inside focus wagon: car related.)

Forgot about securing a grill to use this weekend. Making turkey and Swiss sandwhiches with mustard and mayo. Used a knife that’s been floating around the back of the focus for more than a year. Cleaned it off with vodka. Thank goodness I brought vodka. Pb&j and gt3 cup race #1 (whispered voice: and more vodka) for breakfast. Living the dream.


Frank Grimes
Gundam: Extreme VS Maxi Boost ON! Ready for arcades 3/9

If you’ve played Gundam’s VS series, it may give you some background on this post. Like Street Fighter (Before SFV, hopefully), and modern Tekken and its knack for Arcade expansions (Akuma in Fated Retribution, folks), Gundam’s Extreme VS series has gone to another level of insanity. It started in the original Extreme VS, then Full Boost, then Maxi Boost.

The expansion features the...

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Photos from oak tree Grand Prix. 

Whole lota Maseratis

Maserati wheel studs. Taken for coworker who didn’t understand how racing studs and lug nuts glued to wheels worked.

Holy shit I never thought that the rally fighters engine was placed that far back.

<a href="http://splinternews.com/inside-hauntcon-what-it-s-really-like-to-scare-people-1793863240" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Inside HAuNTcon: What it’s really like to scare people to death for a living</a>

“When they’re doing makeup on decedents, they put highlighter on the temples. They look sunken—they’ve been in a morphine coma, they haven’t been eating much—so they want to make them look livelier. But we want to make them look dead.”

As he spoke, Nick Wolfe was transforming a pretty, decidedly unterrifying young woman into an undead hag.

If you could bring yourself to look away from her...

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X-Bone of Ark: How Naked Jungle Pooping Breathed New Life Into My Console Gaming Experience

I’ve never robbed someone before, but holy shit... it’s awesome!

It’s after 3 AM on the East Coast, maybe around midnight on the “The Island” in Ark: Survival Evolved for the Xbox One, and I’m breaking and entering.

Alongside two of my real life friends and in-game “tribemates,” we’ve raided the base of our biggest rival and are in the process of robbing them blind. We’re laughing and joking...

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$3 Underwear is Back at Aerie

It’s not spring just yet (though it does feel like it), but it should be about time to do some cleaning out of your drawers. Get rid of those laundry-day-only undies in favor of something you’ll actually like wearing. Go ahead and give a peek into Aerie’s clearance section and you’ll find a slew of $3 underwear, no code needed.

Once You Finally Get Sick of <i>Breath of the Wild</i>, Here's a Deal on Zelda Chess

Hey, listen. This awesome Legend of Zelda chess set is marked down to $50 on Amazon right now. That’s one of the best prices we’ve ever seen, so you won’t have to smash too many pots to find the rupees.

Amazon product B01FO7K4YA

Holy Ghost! -- 'Dance A Little Closer'

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.

This’ll get you moving!


Oak tree Grand Prix anyone ?
cnessel27 just a moment. 14 comments
Oak tree Grand Prix anyone ?

Any one else going to the oak tree Grand Prix this weekend? This will be my first time at VIR, which is a place I’ve always wanted to go. I hear it’s a great spectators track which was lacking in my last professional motorsports outing the Baltimore Grand Prix (2011,13). Will be falling asleep shortly so don't be alarmed or offended by the delay if I need to respond.


Erob599- keeps on keepin' on
New phone wallpaper
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New phone wallpaper

Here’s the long phone version.


Woo hoo
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Woo hoo

H&R Sport springs and KYB shocks (fronts adjustable) for the focus are in.


Dr. Zoidberg
The Container Store's Like-It Bricks Make The Perfect Alternative Makeup Storage

In my world, the beauty product hoard is ever-increasing, so I’m always game to test a potential new organization solution.

I found the Like-It Bricks on a particularly Marie-Kondo-inspired Container Store trip and they’ve been a godsend. Not only are they stackable, but each brick is made to slide over the others easily. They also come with plastic dividers that clip into their walls and...

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Hour Rule: Honda Odyssey 
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Hour Rule: Honda Odyssey 

Two Tomica Honda Odyssey (s/ies?). The Tokyo Auto Salon one I have seen a few times before but at stupidly high prices. Happen to come across one at a really really good price and figured it was time to add it to my collection.

Also picked up a diorama set from Hong Kong brand Tiny. I think they came on the 1/64 scene about 2 years ago and released Hong Kong based vehicles complete with local...

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Small Scale Sydney - Auto Correct can kiss my Ask
Motortrend on demand? I think so.

So it was torque.tv which I had happened upon late in the game, but it had some really neat wrap-ups of races for those without cable/dish, or non mobile internet access. I would kill for an nbcsn fs1/2 package and endure the race interrupting soccer games. Any who now it turned into motortrend I want to say 3-4 months ago and it stopped updating its races. Well it looks like that’s changed,...

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What do you wash your car with? 

What is your favorite implement to scrub your (or other people’s) vehicle with?

Wool mitt?

Hand gripped soft bristled brush?

Brush on stick?

Classic sponge?

Bare flesh?

Some one else?

I am what you might call, well actually should call, a slob. It’s now past the point that I should wash the vehicles that my wife and I own and I’ve done so with such irregularity that I have not found a...

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Review box
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Review box
NPOCP? $150,000.00
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Peter Black, SV Wrangler, motorcycleprof
GTRZILLAR32-Now saving for Godzilla and a condo
Work related panoramic 
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Work related panoramic 

Waiting on approval for assistance (out of warenty but Ford footing the bill, probably) on a short block, and cylinder head.


Jordan, the Slowrunner, and Kona
<i>Scandal</i> Recap: Our Long (Fake) National Nightmare Is Finally Over

Last week, Mellie Grant decided to put on her big-girl drawers and pick Frankie Vargas’ widow, Luna, as her vice president—Peus and Sarah be damned.

At the beginning of this week’s episode, Luna is accepting the position and Team Mellie is feeling itself, until news breaks that drones are hovering over nine major cities. Peus informs Olivia Pope that not only do the drones belong to him, but...

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