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Certain facts are objectively true, and beyond dispute

Certain facts are objectively true, and beyond dispute. Like how Nardo Grey is the best color for an Audi.

To-Do List
MamaBearsApron just a moment. 0 comments
To-Do List

I’m hoping that posting my day’s To-Do List here will keep me extra motivated to get it done. We’re having some furnace work done tomorrow, so I reeeeaaaaallllly need to be ready for it, but I am only about 2% motivated. I’d rather read a book in the bathtub with a mug of tea and a bowl of frozen berries....

ANYWAYS, Here is my hopeful To Do list for Today:

Kitchen: Wash/put away all dishes,...

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Give Your Sangria a Fall Makeover by Using Cider Instead of Wine

Summer is over, but that’s no reason to quit drinking cold, fruity sangria. To give this tasty pitcher of boozy goodness a fall makeover, just swap wine for apple cider.

You can use Bon Appetit’s recipe (linked below) as a template, but the main things you’ll need are a six-pack of hard cider—I’d go with a drier variety— and apple brandy. From there, you can add freshly sliced fruit (apples,...

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QC Games, the studio behind the team-based, arena RPG Breach, announced today that it’s closing

QC Games, the studio behind the team-based, arena RPG Breach, announced today that it’s closing. “Unfortunately, today is the last official day for QC Games, as we begin winding down internal operations on Breach,” the studio said. Breach went into Early Access on Steam in January but struggled to find an audience. 

El significado oculto detrás del número de Satanás en la Biblia: 666 

Cuando aparece la numeración 666 lo primero que viene a la mente suele ser algún tipo de asociación con el término bíblico de Satanás, posteriormente más con el Anticristo, y de forma más genérica con ese concepto abstracto del diablo. Sin embargo, detrás de su aparición en el Nuevo Testamento había un mensaje oculto.

En realidad, la cifra hace alusión al conocido como la “marca/número de la...

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Subject: Travel pool 1 — JBA departure

From: Dave Boyer
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2018 4:25 PM
Subject: Travel pool 1 JBA departure

Marine One landed at Joint Base Andrews at 4:19 pm. The president and First Lady disembarked and boarded Air Force One for the flight to Bedminster. Waves to pool.
The traveling party includes son Barron, the first ladys mother, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, Dan Scavino.

Preparing for takeoff, destination...

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Enjoy the first promo of As Miss Belzebub Likes anime

It will premiere this October

The official website for the anime adaptation of As Miss Belzebub Likes anime has uploaded a new promo, which you can see bellow:

Minato Kazuto (Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor) is directing the anime at Studio LIDEN FILMS.

Yen Press is publishing the manga and describes the story as follows:

“Murin’s lands his dream job with the demon king he’s always...

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Here Are the House Races Where Sinclair Broadcast’s Propaganda Could Have the Biggest Impact

Sinclair Broadcast’s pythonlike grip on local news stations across America became a national issue two weeks ago when our sister site Deadspin posted a video story showing dozens of anchors at Sinclair stations forced to recite Donald Trump’s talking points about “fake news.”

On top of making trusted anchors across America look as if they’re making a synchronized hostage video, Sinclair has...

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Well, this sucks

A good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with uterine cancer, and the prognosis is not good. The oncologist recommends a hysterectomy, but given her size (probably over 400 lbs) surgery is extremely high risk. Then what? If she survives it, then she’s got a couple of years of radiation and chemo before the inevitable, unable to work or keep a roof over her head. The other option is to...

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<a href="https://splinternews.com/california-city-pleas-for-donations-to-fund-its-fight-a-1825392226" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">California City Pleas For Donations To Fund Its Fight Against Pro-Immigrant Laws</a>

The Southern California city of Los Alamitos desperately needs your GoFundMe donations to fund its crusade against sanctuary laws.

Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar last month launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to help with legal costs. Weeks later, the mayor is nowhere near his $100,000 goal, and there’s new trouble, because on Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the city.

The ACLU...

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<a href="https://theinventory.com/a-toast-to-big-clear-ice-cubes-that-you-can-make-at-ho-1830159945" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">A Toast to Big, Clear Ice Cubes That You Can Make At Home</a>

You don’t need to take a bartending class to convince your friends you’re a great mixologist. You just need, like, three cocktail recipes with more than two ingredients, and big, clear ice cubes. You all can jump into the comments to help each other with the former, but for the latter, I’m really impressed with True Cubes .

True Cubes is an insulated ice mold that uses the principles...

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Trump Suggests California Wildfires Can Be Avoided by 'Raking'

President Donald Trump traveled to Northern California this weekend to survey the area affected by the Camp Fire, which has become the deadliest and most destructive fire in the state’s history. During the visit, the president appeared to double down on some of his previous rhetoric involving what he has described as forest mismanagement.

CNN reported Saturday that Trump toured properties in...

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Happy Geek Star Birthday

Born in 1981. I don’t really know what a bingbing is, but apparently she’s a fan.

123 Movies Delivers
the Ultimate Film Watching Experience

1 May 2017 – 123 Movies is offering the largest collection of different motion pictures, TV shows and cartoons that will easily satisfy even the most refined needs and sophisticated preferences.

Movies represent a very important form of art – that much is certain. The modern motion pictures are becoming more and more complex. And we are not only referring to audio and visual aspects of those...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/this-deal-on-toilet-paper-isnt-butt-1827576959" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">This Deal On Toilet Paper Isn&#39;t Butt</a>
Best Home DealsThe best home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive deals from around the web, updated daily.   

You need toilet paper anyway, but that doesn’t mean you have to flush your money down the toilet unnecessarily. Clip the 20% coupon and use Subscribe & Save to get 36 family-sized rolls of Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare for $18, or just over $.50 per roll. For comparison, a pack with...

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Just visited a pot shop for the first time.

Does anyone find it as surreal as me? A wall of professionally bagged marijuana. With like, logos and barcodes and stuff.

Brian Ashcraft
Shibuya at Night
Brian Ashcraft just a moment. 0 comments
Shibuya at Night

Shibuya at Night. Tokyo, Japan. By Jorge Mena.

JPGs is a photo peek into wherever gamers might find interesting. If you’re a photographer and have images you want to share, drop us a line

British meme rap project: The year in band names 2018

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wouldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. But the Year In Band Names is back, if a little belated and slightly different. This year, I cut way more bands from my master list than usual, in an effort to leave only the noteworthy groups (or ones that made for fun commentary). Don’t worry, the story is as long as usual, and compiling it more...

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Ilhan Omar Is Working to Get Rid of a 181-Year-Old Ban on Religious Headwear in the House

Representative-elect Ilhan Omar is one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress, and is currently working on a proposal with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to ditch a dusty old rule that would prohibit her from wearing her headscarf in the House.

The 181-year-old rule says that members of Congress cannot wear hats on the floor; this would technically include Omar’s religious headscarf. On...

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