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1 Alan Walker

Different World flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Fredrik Borch Olsen;James Njie;Marcus Arnbekk;Gunnar Greve Pettersen;K-391;Corsak;Shy Martin;Magnus Bertelsen.
2 Ariana Grande

​Thank U, Next flac

Ariana Grande. 2018. Writer: Crazy Mike;Scootie;Victoria Monét;Tayla Parx;TBHits;Ariana Grande.
3 Mesto

Wait Another Day flac

Mesto. 2018.
4 Anne-Marie

Rewrite The Stars flac

Anne-Marie. 2018. Writer: Benj Pasek;Justin Paul.
5 Conor Maynard

How You Love Me flac

Conor Maynard. 2018. Writer: Yoshi Breen;Thom Bridges;Hardwell;Rik Annema;Conor Maynard;Cimo Fränkel;Snoop Dogg.
6 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora;Easyfun;Fred Gibson;Noonie Bao;LotusIV;Ilsey Juber.
7 Fitz And The Tantrums

HandClap flac

Fitz And The Tantrums. 2017. Writer: Fitz And The Tantrums;Eric Frederic;Sam Hollander.
8 Clean Bandit

Baby flac

Clean Bandit. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;Kamille;Jason Evigan;Matthew Knott;Marina;Luis Fonsi.
9 (G)I-DLE


(G)I-DLE. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Harloe.
10 Mark Ronson

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart flac

Mark Ronson. 2018. Writer: Thomas Brenneck;Maxime Picard;Ilsey Juber;Conor Szymanski;Clement Picard;Mark Ronson;Miley Cyrus.

Good Years flac

ZAYN. 2018. Writer: Anthony Hannides;Michael George Hannides;Khaled Rohaim;ZAYN;Herbie Crichlow.
12 Ava Max

Sweet But Psycho flac

Ava Max. 2018. Writer: Ava Max;TIX;Cirkut;Madison Love;Cook Classics.
13 Imagine Dragons

Bad Liar flac

Imagine Dragons. 2018. Writer: Jorgen Odegard;Daniel Platzman;Ben McKee;Wayne Sermon;Aja Volkman;Dan Reynolds.
14 Cmc

As Long As I'm With You flac

Cmc. 2018.
15 The Chainsmokers

Beach House flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart.
16 Clean Bandit

Mama flac

Clean Bandit. 2018. Writer: Jason Evigan;Jack Patterson;Grace Chatto;Ellie Goulding;Caroline Ailin.
17 Cat Dealers

My Way flac

Cat Dealers. 2018.
18 Big Boi

Out At Night flac

Big Boi. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;John Ryan;Julian Bunetta;Big Boi.
19 Martin Garrix

Dreamer (Nicky Romero Remix) flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Yury Parkhomenko;Aleksandr Parkhomenko;Ilsey Juber;Brian Lee;Mike Yung;Martin Garrix.
20 Bhad Bhabie

Playboy Style flac

Bhad Bhabie. 2018. Writer: Jack Patterson;Grace Chatto;Bhad Bhabie;George Astasio;Jason Pebworth;Jon Shave;Ryan Alan;Alex Oriet;David Phelan.
Why Did My iCloud Photos Appear... Then Disappear?

As I’ve written previously , iCloud can be a little confusing. It’s not meant to be—at least, I don’t think Apple intended it to be—but a number of people seem to get caught up by iCloud’s synchronization setup. While it’s wonderfully convenient to have the same photos appear across all of your iCloud-using Apple devices, removing photos on one device removes them everywhere else.

Got it?...

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In the Latest Chapter Of... Two Car (Ch.02)

Greetings! I´m ShadowHaken, and welcome to another article where I’ll be talking about the latest anime/manga that I´m reading or watching.


Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for anything that is badly written or completely incomprehensible.

You can check the past entry Here.

Chapter 2: Shakedown

The chapter starts with a quick recap of the scene where...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/both-of-amazons-jewelry-sales-are-perfect-for-you-last-1821381457" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Both of Amazon&#39;s Jewelry Sales Are Perfect For You Last Minute Gifters</a>

Christmas is a little over a week away, and if you’re still struggling with ideas, or just need something a little extra, Amazon is here. With two separate jewelry sales happening, you’re bound to find something. The first is an Anne Klein watch sale, with over 20 styles to choose from. Second is a collection of fine and costume jewelry with diamonds and cubic zirconia alike.

A Charity Shop Filled All of Its Frames With Pictures of Zaddy Jeff Goldblum 

Jeff Goldblum, Esteemed Leader of the Zaddy Army, has been given the place of honor in a charity store that saw fit to fill each one of its many picture frames with his divine image.

As you know, there are many iterations of Zaddy Goldblum. To the untrained eye the differences might be imperceptible, but luckily I became a notarized expert five minutes ago when I clicked on this tweet.


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ACLU Files Discrimination Complaint on Behalf of Black Students in Central California

In response to claims of sustained racial abuse against the two percent of black students who attend the Visalia Unified School District, the ACLU of Northern California has filed a discrimination complaint against the district in court.

The complaint, filed with the Department of Education, charges the district with violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by creating a racially hostile...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/these-discounted-computer-speakers-look-great-and-even-1825103055" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">These Discounted Computer Speakers Look Great, and Even Include Bluetooth</a>
Best Tech DealsThe best tech deals from around the web, updated daily.   

If you’re still listening to your computer through its built-in speakers, stop torturing yourself and buy Logitech’s MX Sound 2.0 audio system for $70, or $30 less than usual.

In addition to connecting to your PC with a 3.5mm cable, the MX Sound also includes Bluetooth to pair to your phones and tablets, with...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/buckle-up-for-iotties-black-friday-phone-mount-deals-i-1830619157" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Buckle Up For iOttie&#39;s Black Friday Phone Mount Deals, Including a Qi Model</a>
Best Tech DealsThe best tech deals from around the web, updated daily.   

iOttie has long made some of our readers’ favorite smartphone car mounts, and several different models are deeply discounted as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sales.

I’ll cut to the chase, you should almost definitely buy the Qi charging model for $33 if you own a wirelessly charging phone. I absolutely love mine, and...

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South Korea's President Says Trump Has a Friend Crush on Kim Jong Un, Which Will Certainly End Well

Donald Trump’s boner for murderous dictators is the opposite of news at this point, yet it’s still jarring to think about Trump’s pulsating crush on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, confirmed Sunday night by South Korean president Moon Jae-in. Moon says Trump told him he has a “very friendly view” of Kim and wants to grant him security guarantees, lifted sanctions, and presumably matching...

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For a Prolific Photographer-Videographer, Silence Is Essential

When Paul Octavious first began posting his photos online in the mid-aughts, he hadn’t anticipated that they’d launch a prolific career. But almost immediately, they drew attention from bloggers thanks to their composition and originality. Now, a decade later, he has hundreds of clients under his belt and an Instagram following over half a million strong.

His creativity is evident through the...

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Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast is live at SXSW at 12 pm ET

Kotaku’s Splitscreen podcast is live at SXSW at 12 pm ET. You can listen to it here.

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Work Every Muscle With This Bodyweight Exercise Chart

Putting together a bodyweight workout routine is easy: just do some pushups, and some squats, and some...uh...other stuff. To get a balanced workout, you have to know which exercises target which muscles. Which is why we love this bodyweight exercise chart from Darebee.

Everything You Need to Build Your Own Bodyweight Workout

An effective bodyweight training program can whip you into shape...

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It's a car!

Of course it’s 17 minutes long.

G'daily Rolf - sunnyside up

Back in 1960 it seemed Rolf could do no wrong. His fourth single confirmed that trend. Sun Arise, written with Australian naturalist Harry Butler, takes a cue from Aboriginal beliefs and music. Producer George Martin thought that was boring but Harris told him the repetitive Aboriginal chanting could become quite mesmerizing. A bit of a rewrite later and they had another hit.

Is this...

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Clover Hope
Every Pig Needs a Crib
Clover Hope just a moment. 0 comments
Every Pig Needs a Crib

If you have a pig, it needs somewhere to stay and that place to stay is a baby’s crib.

Here’s an E! News headline that challenges the reader: “You’ll Never Guess Why Ariana Grande Has a Baby Crib in Her Apartment.” Well, I didn’t guess. Too busy doing other things, so I gave up quickly. It probably would’ve taken me to a few minutes anyhow to even remember that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

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El árbol más remoto del planeta obligará a reescribir los libros de historia

Los habitantes de la remota Isla Campbell, al sur de Nueva Zelanda, lo conocen como el árbol más solitario del mundo, y no les falta razón. El siguiente árbol más cercano está a 200 km, en las islas Auckland. Ahora, este gigante de más de 100 años se ha convertido en la clave para reescribir la historia de la humanidad.

Un estudio pone fin al debate sobre la forma de vida animal más antigua... View more »
Tom Ley
Deadspin Awards: Worst Owner
Tom Ley just a moment. 0 comments
Deadspin Awards: Worst Owner
The Deadspin AwardsThe Deadspin Awards will be a haphazardly planned, moderately attended awards show meant to celebrate the worst (and a few of the best) things in sports. The show will be at 7:00 p.m. on December 5 in New York City. [Click this link](https://concerts1.livenation.com/event/00005566C1E93A80?dma_id=345) and buy a ticket for $20.  

The Deadspin Awards will take place on Dec. 5 ,...

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Alphabet Launched A Moonshot Cybersecurity Company That Sounds Like Every Other Cybersecurity Company

X, the moonshot wing of Google’s parent company Alphabet, announced today that a new cybersecurity project called Chronicle is “graduating” to become a fully-fledged company. X functions as an incubator for Alphabet’s more experimental endeavors, like self-driving cars or giant balloons that deliver internet connectivity, and Chronicle is the first cybersecurity company it has launched....

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<i>Total War</i> Game Gets Review Bombed On Steam Over Women Generals [Update]
SteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.  

Over the past 24 hours, strategy game Total War: Rome II has picked up over 350 new negative reviews, triggering Steam’s graph-based review bomb alert system. The reason? A controversy surrounding women generals that appears to be largely contrived.

It began last month with a handful of Steam forum posts and...

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<a href="https://co-op.theinventory.com/whats-your-favorite-sound-bar-1828497298" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">What&#39;s Your Favorite Sound Bar?</a>

It’s been several years since we poked our readers about their favorite sound bar, and a lot has changed. Wireless subwoofers, surround speakers, and even Dolby Atmos are on the menu now, so it’s time for a refresher. Check out the rules below, then head down to the comments to nominate your pick.

Your Pick For Best Sound Bar: SONOS, Plus Alternatives

The SONOS PLAYBAR exemplifies what we look...

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