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1 Martin Garrix

Yottabyte flac

Martin Garrix. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix.
2 Alan Walker

Diamond Heart flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Sophia Somajo;Mood Melodies;James Njie;Thomas Troelsen;Kristoffer Haugan;Edvard Normann;Anders Froen;Gunnar Greve;Yann Bargain;Victor Verpillat;Fredrik Borch Olsen.
3 Sia

I'm Still Here flac

Sia. 2018. Writer: Sia.
4 Blinders

Breach (Walk Alone) flac

Blinders. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Blinders;Martin Garrix.
5 Dyro

Latency flac

Dyro. 2018. Writer: Martin Garrix;Dyro.
6 Cardi B

Taki Taki flac

Cardi B. 2018. Writer: Bava;Juan Vasquez;Vicente Saavedra;Jordan Thorpe;DJ Snake;Ozuna;Cardi B;Selena Gomez.
7 Bradley Cooper

Shallow flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Andrew Wyatt;Anthony Rossomando;Mark Ronson;Lady Gaga.
8 Halsey

Without Me flac

Halsey. 2018. Writer: Halsey;Delacey;Louis Bell;Amy Allen;Justin Timberlake;Timbaland;Scott Storch.
9 Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: Benjamin Rice;Lady Gaga.
10 Kelsea Ballerini

This Feeling flac

Kelsea Ballerini. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Alex Pall;Emily Warren.
11 Mako

Rise flac

Mako. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Mako;Justin Tranter.
12 Dewain Whitmore

Burn Out flac

Dewain Whitmore. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Emilio Behr;Martijn Garritsen.
13 Bradley Cooper

Always Remember Us This Way flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Lady Gaga;Dave Cobb.
14 Little Mix

Woman Like Me flac

Little Mix. 2018. Writer: Nicki Minaj;Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran;Jess Glynne.
15 Charli XCX

1999 flac

Charli XCX. 2018. Writer: Charli XCX;Troye Sivan;Leland;Oscar Holter;Noonie Bao.
16 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora.
17 Diplo

Electricity flac

Diplo. 2018. Writer: Diplo;Mark Ronson;Picard Brothers;Wynter Gordon;Romy Madley Croft;Florence Welch.
18 Jonas Blue

Polaroid flac

Jonas Blue. 2018. Writer: Jonas Blue;Liam Payne;Lennon Stella.
19 Lady Gaga

Look What I Found flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: DJ White Shadow;Nick Monson;Mark Nilan Jr;Lady Gaga.
20 Avril Lavigne

Head Above Water flac

Avril Lavigne. 2018. Writer: Stephan Moccio;Travis Clark;Avril Lavigne.
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Not only is this one of the most affordable 4K monitors we’ve ever seen (and IPS to boot), it’s also one of the only ones out there that can run off a single USB-C cable connected to your computer.

The Best Monitor For Your MacBook Is All USB-C

Apple’s Thunderbolt Displays are dead. Long live USB-C.

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On compatible Macs (the product page includes a list) and certain PCs, a single...

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The PS Vita Is Really Dead In Japan, No Successor Currently Planned

Starting next year, PS Vita shipments will stop in Japan, reports Mantan Web. Sony Interactive Entertainment exec Hiroyuki Oda added, “Right now, I’d like you to consider that there is no PS Vita successor hardware.”

According to Oda, “As for a portable game machine, there is no plans for anything after the PS Vita.” He was quoted as saying that PS Vita shipments will end next year in Japan...

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You can give your PC a major bandwidth boost with 32GB (2 x 16GB) of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM for $300 , an all-time low on Amazon. These RGB series sticks, amazingly, have customizable lighting effects, if that kind of performative, self-built PC artistry is your jam.

Amazon product B074Q45BNH

Ashlee Simpson's <i>SNL</i> Performance Has Gone from Embarrassment to Marketing Tool

Remember when Ashlee Simpson performed on Saturday Night Live in 2004 and the backing track of the song she had performed earlier in the night came on and she stopped in her tracks and did a little jig before SNL cut to commercial? She does! She’s spoken about the 14-year-old snafu several times in the lead-up to her upcoming E! show about her marriage to Evan Ross, ASHLEE+EVAN.

In an

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Death of the S600 (paging AMGtech...again)

The car is at the dealer now getting engine mounts, but this noise is what’s worrying me. It sounds an awful lot like rod knock, which would mean death for the engine. Being that it was caused by the accident, if insurance decides to total it from this, which they absolutely would, it would mean death for the S600. I love this car, but this might be a sign to just get something newer....

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Springwatch goes on a summer holiday

One of the delights of BBC2, all kinds of cute and crazy, went into hibernation tonight. Springwatch specialises in nature voyeurism - candid shots of birds and other animals in their nests. Badgers, foxes, dormice, ospreys, swifts and other critters, like these chaps:

Presenter Chris Packham also detailed an RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) project charting the movement of...

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ALCLAP 5.4A/30W 2-Port Rapid Car Charger Adapter with [Apple MFi Certified] $11.18

ALCLAP 5.4A/30W 2-Port Rapid Car Charger Adapter with [Apple MFi Certified] $11.18 w/ coupon 5ORJYU5X

Compatible With:

iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / iPad Pro / iPad Air / Air 2 / iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 4 / iPad 4th gen / iPod Touch 5th gen / iPod nano 7th gen and Beats Pill+,Samsung Galaxy, Note, Nexus, HTC, Sony, LG, Tablet, power Bank and...

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Hello Puppeteer,  Mecha #939209

The Blue Fairy is a major character in the 1940 Disney animated feature film Pinocchio.

Here's How Safari Will Keep Ads From Stalking You Around the Internet

Safari is getting an update that will prevent those annoying ads that follow you from one website to the next as you browse the internet, encouraging you to hurry up and buy that one item you looked at on Amazon two weeks ago.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, announced the tweak at Apple’s developer conference today—and the promise of it is enough to...

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El hipnótico trabajo de un perro pastor con sus ovejas a vista de dron
Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIF

La pieza, de menos de un minuto, nos acerca desde una perspectiva aérea a través de un dron por el hipnótico trabajo de un perro pastor dirigiendo e introduciendo a las ovejas al redil. Espectacular.

Los expertos dicen que para adiestrar a los perros a este tipo de trabajos hay una mezcla de entrenamiento e...

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International I Love Braids Day Brings Black Self Love to Brooklyn

Debra Hare-Bey is a proud and self-proclaimed “braider”—by trade and tradition.

In fact, the Brooklyn native has been braiding for decades—she recalls being “that girl,” on the stoop braiding people’s hair. Years later, Hare-Bey decided to make a career out of braiding. After all, braids—and the rich culture and traditions from which the styles come—are beautiful.

“We know that braids are...

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10 Useful New Features Hidden in the macOS Mojave Beta

Earlier this week, Apple gave macOS 10.14 a name (Mojave), showed off some of its key features, and pushed out a developer preview to the world. We’ve been playing around with the brand new, rough-around-the-edges first beta of the new macOS, and these are some of the coolest and most useful features we’ve come across so far.

1) More permission controls

Apps in macOS have to ask for...

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The Health Care Terms You Need to Know

The Trump administration has made it easier for people whose employers don’t offer health insurance benefits to buy short term plans that are cheaper than plans compliant with the Affordable Care Act, but offer far fewer benefits and don’t have to cover pre-existing conditions.

Part of the calculus is that they’re cheaper than current offerings in the individual market and will appeal to...

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Breaking news:  Man takes credit for woman's work and edges her out of her project (shocker!)

Hey everyone - I am livid and need help thinking of POSITIVE and PROSOCIAL ways of responding.

I had an idea for an evaluation project - I wrote the survey, pushed everyone to complete it, analyzed the data, wrote the report, had meetings with all stakeholders to ensure they supported the report, and then forwarded it to leadership. This was a shit ton of work - skilled work, and leadership...

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At the Pleasure of the Distortion

Is it possible to like a film whose whole mission is to frustrate and unbalance the viewer? The Birthday Party, the 1968 film based on Harold Pinter’s 1957 play, isn’t exactly a relaxing experience. It certainly has a nice cast. I admire the ingenuity that went into it though I think it’s no surprise we don’t see its brand of wrecking ball post-modernism anymore.

Directed by William Friedkin,...

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Hello Puppeteer, Mecha #341638

The Blue Fairy is a major character in the 1940 Disney animated feature film Pinocchio.

Hypothetical TV: <i>Marvel's Immortal Iron Fist</i>

I will admit it: I was massively disappointed when Netflix cancelled Iron Fist . The second season had been such a massive improvement and I really wanted to see where the stories of Colleen Wing (the new Iron Fist) and Danny Rand (with his new chi-powered guns) went. Hopefully, Disney will pick up the show and give it a bigger budget. This, then, is my idea for if that happened.


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Asshole Patriots Fan Throws Beer On Tyreek Hill After Fourth-Quarter Touchdown [Update] 
Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIF

Some Patriots fans lived down to their reputation in the waning minutes of the Patriots’ 43-40 win over the previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. After Tyreek Hill went 75 yards to set up the game-tying extra point, he pulled up in front of the crowd where Pats fans threw beer on him and flipped him off.

The NBC...

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