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1 Ariana Grande

7 Rings flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: Ariana Grande;Richard Rodgers;TBHits;Njomza;Michael "Mikey" Foster;Kaydence;Tayla Parx;Scootie;Oscar Hammerstein II;Victoria Monét.
2 Alan Walker

Lily flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Lars Kristian Rosness;Magnus Bertelsen;K-391;Didrik Handlykken;Marcus Arnbekk.
3 Alec Benjamin

Let Me Down Slowly flac

Alec Benjamin. 2019. Writer: Alec Benjamin;Sir Nolan;Michael Pollack.
4 Alan Walker

Lost Control flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Thomas Troelsen;Mood Melodies;Sorana;Fredrik Borch Olsen;Magnus "Magnify" Martinsen.
5 Skylar Grey

Everything I Need flac

Skylar Grey. 2018. Writer: Elliott Taylor;Rupert Gregson-Williams;Skylar Grey.
6 Westlife

Hello My Love flac

Westlife. 2019. Writer: Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran.
7 Post Malone

Sunflower flac

Post Malone. 2018. Writer: Carl Rosen;Louis Bell;Billy Walsh;Carter Lang;Swae Lee;Post Malone.
8 Conor Maynard

Way Back Home (Sam Feldt Edit) flac

Conor Maynard. 2018. Writer: Ji Hye Lee;Shaun.
9 Alan Walker

Different World flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Shy Nodi;Alan Walker;Fredrik Borch Olsen;James Njie;Marcus Arnbekk;Gunnar Greve Pettersen;K-391;Corsak;Shy Martin;Magnus Bertelsen.
10 Sam Smith

Fire On Fire flac

Sam Smith. 2018. Writer: Steve Mac;Sam Smith.
11 Normani

Dancing With A Stranger flac

Normani. 2019. Writer: Mikkel S. Eriksen;Tor Hermansen;Jimmy Napes;Normani;Sam Smith.
12 The Chainsmokers

Hope flac

The Chainsmokers. 2018. Writer: Kate Morgan;Chris Lyon;Alex Pall;Andrew Taggart.
13 Imagine Dragons

Believer flac

Imagine Dragons. 2019. Writer: Dan Reynolds;Lil Wayne;Wayne Sermon;Ben McKee;Daniel Platzman;Robin Fredriksson;Mattias Larsson;Justin Tranter.
14 Skrillex

Face My Fears flac

Skrillex. 2019. Writer: Poo Bear;Skrillex;Utada Hikaru.
15 Slushii

Never Let You Go flac

Slushii. 2019. Writer: Sofía Reyes;Slushii;Aviella Winder.
16 Alan Walker

I Don't Wanna Go flac

Alan Walker. 2018.
17 Mike Perry

Runaway flac

Mike Perry. 2019. Writer: Andreas Wiman;Dimitri Vangelis;Richard Müller;Sasha Rangas;Stefan Van Leijsen;Mike Perry.
18 Gesaffelstein

Lost In The Fire flac

Gesaffelstein. 2019. Writer: Ahmad Balshe;Nate Donmoyer;Gesaffelstein;DaHeala;The Weeknd.
19 Aspyer

Don't Tell Me flac

Aspyer. 2019.
20 Hozier

Almost (Sweet Music) flac

Hozier. 2019. Writer: Hozier.
There are no words
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There are no words

For how much I hate Katy Perry

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If you want to stop paying your cable company $100 per month for channels you don’t watch, it might be time to cut the cord. Between services like Netflix, Hulu+, Sling TV, and HBO Now, it’s easier than ever to declare cable independence, but a good antenna is still a critical piece of equipment for picking up your local broadcast stations.

How to Choose the Best Over-the-Air Antenna for... View more »
Doobie Brothers -- 'Takin It To The Streets'

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.

So smooth.

Eurotrippin: Parte Tres, Northern Spain.

Some snaps of Olite:

We were staying in Logrono, the hotel underground car park was excessively challenging after a full day of driving, being extremely tight and the Leon’s extremities hard to judge. I did several comedic multi-point maneuvers around the turns.

However, it was hiding a secret. Some needs to tell this guy how much these things are worth now...

The next day we once again...

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Everyone knows at least one person that needs to hear this

Hay un enigmático mensaje oculto para Hideo Kojima en el primer <i>Metal Gear</i> que se produce sin él

Durante décadas, Hideo Kojima ha sido el genio detrás de muchos videojuegos de Konami, entre ellos la famosa franquicia Metal Gear. La marcha de la compañía en la que trabajó desde 1986 no fue nada amistosa, pero sus antiguos compañeros le han dejado un mensaje oculto en Metal Gear Survive.

El nuevo Silent Hill que iban a hacer Hideo Kojima y Guillermo del Toro resucita en una versión…


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Fight like a girl
Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIF Girl Power GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Discover & share this Girl Power GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share,…

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Amazon’s popular Fire TV Stick never seems to be included whenever Amazon runs sales on their first party devices, and today’s $5 discount is the first they’ve run since the holiday season last year. It doesn’t support 4K like the full-sized Fire TV, but it does include a handy voice remote with full Alexa support .

Amazon product B00ZV9RDKK Amazon's New Fire TV Stick Is the Cheapest Way to... View more »
Verizon's New Home-Based 5G Won't Offer Next-Gen Speeds Yet, But Users Will Get Some Free Shit

Verizon is launching what it’s calling “the world’s first commercial 5G broadband internet service” later this fall, with customers in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento eligible to sign up for an October 1st launch date. However, there’s a big caveat: It’s technically not real 5G, and early adopters will mostly see speeds more or less similar to a good broadband...

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A call from a small child

My phone rings. I pick it up. My youngest daughter dialed it, shes 1 y/o. Her: Haamm. Me: Hello?

I introduce myself, thinking it’s some client or a friend. Her : dash dash. I think it’s my daughter so I ask her to give it to her mother. her : constantly making nonsense noises. After a while, : Mommy? Me : yes, give it to mommy. I hear a lot of crash and bangs, and finally my wife picks up....

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Open Channel: Who's Your Favorite Puppet Creature?

We here at io9 take our puppet appreciation very, very seriously , and with Brian Henson’s The Happytime Murders out in theaters this weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk about our favorite people made of felt.

Clearly, Miss Piggy is the queen of anthropomorphic animals who grace us with their majestic presences, but that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of other...

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pip bip - towards 800K
hour rule
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hour rule

poor smart car

sorry Miss Mercedes

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When it comes to having a corner on the market, nothing really compares to Nike. And right now, all of their last season styles are up to 50% off for both men and women, no code needed, as new year deal. Everything you could need for a good workout wardrobe is included, from apparel, to sneakers, to gear.

XMetalWolf's Top Anime of Summer 2017

As the Summer Season of 2017 comes to a close its time to look back on all the poor life decisions we made by locking down the best ‘chinese cartoons’ that have consumed our lives these past three months. While originally a more standard ‘top xx’ post, I decided to do things a little differently here by instead giving my thoughts on my favorite anime this season within specific genres. The...

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North Korea Brags About New 'Ultramodern' Weapons Test

North Korean state media announced today that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, recently oversaw tests of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon.” The new report is extremely light on details, but it’s a reminder that very little has actually changed in the U.S.-North Korea relationship since President Donald Trump took power. Both countries have nuclear weapons and both are on a...

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Brian Ashcraft
Headphones in Shibuya
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Headphones in Shibuya

Headphones in Shibuya. Tokyo, Japan. By Victor Cuesta.

JPGs is a photo peek into wherever gamers might find interesting. If you’re a photographer and have images you want to share, drop us a line

The Long Dark’s third episode has been delayed, Hinterland Studios wrote in their November dev diary

The Long Dark’s third episode has been delayed, Hinterland Studios wrote in their November dev diary. However, the overhauled versions of Episodes 1 and 2 and tweaks to Survival mode will arrive in December.

<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/save-on-the-sequel-to-one-of-logitechs-best-mice-1823454478" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">The Sequel To One of Logitech&#39;s Best Mice Is Down To Its Best Price</a>
Best Tech DealsThe best tech deals from around the web, updated daily.   

With its ability to work on any surface, including glass, the Logitech MX Anywhere mouse has always been a reader favorite. And today, you can save on its sequel .

All the features you know and love from the original are still here, but the MX Anywhere 2S adds in Logitech’s new FLOW cross-computer control, which lets you...

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<a href="https://splinternews.com/the-senates-four-swing-votes-are-locked-in-an-office-ta-1829377692" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">The Senate&#39;s Four Swing Votes are Locked in an Office Talking about Kavanaugh</a>

Immediately following the end of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate’s four key swing votes have shuttered themselves inside an office in the Capitol building, after angrily shooing reporters away.

Per CNN:

Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West...

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That Time I Almost Soiled Myself in a Train

I make good on my threat.

Just a quick update on my previous post. I’m also incapable of replying to comments.

To The Greek Empress: I’m sorry to hear that. It really seems like life is just people trying to get things done despite constant obstacles.
To Narelle Ho Sang: Thank you. I’ll let you know if I need anything. I’ve received confirmation that the problem indeed lies within the website....

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