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Friday WANTs: Non-road vehicles edition

Looking through diecast on eBay once again, this time looking for machines that AREN'T vehicles for road or race.

The first example comes in the form of this 1:25 scale Bobcat Toolcat 5600, selling on eBay for $60.

Bobcat Diecast Collectible 1:25 Toolcat 5600 Utility Work Machine | eBay

Bobcat Diecast Collectible 1:25 Toolcat 5600 Utility Work Machine | Toys & Hobbies, Diecast…


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Frosted The Boxy Car Guy
Bayer Leverkusen Player And His Buddies Brawl With Own Club's Security

Yesterday, Emir Spahić's Bayer Leverkusen lost to Bayern Munich in the DFB Pokal. While doing interviews after the match, Spahić apparently witnessed some of his homies he'd brought to the stadium tussling with security. Because he's really 'bout that life, he ran over to join the scrap.

It isn't exactly clear what happened from the footage, but you definitely see Spahić at least shove...

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Garage lights up!
Grindintosecond just a moment. 4 comments
Garage lights up!

 A bit of cord tidying up to do, and a nice extention cord reel to boot. Im all set. Now to unpack more from the move. My last and long awaited post on cleaning your garage coming soon.


Textured Soy Protein


vdub_nut: scooter snob
Two Sets of Highly-Rated Bluetooth Earbuds for $28 Each

We’ve seen SoundPeats’ Qy7 Bluetooth earbuds (and some very similar models) dip under $30 before, but TaoTronics’ creatively-named TT-BH05 Bluetooth earbuds are another great option. With a six hour battery, built-in microphone, and 4.4 star review average, they’re a pretty safe bet at this price, especially if you just bought an Apple Watch and need your first pair of wireless headphones. [

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Nightmare Fuel <i>Mortal Kombat</i> Cosplay 

Hey, that mask looks a little weird, I wonder what’s unde-OH MY GOD.

Mileena cosplay by LyonegraCostuming. Extra cool is the fact the outfit was made for a con, which she walked around in all day covered with fake blood and holding that severed head.


This is a new way to watch F1

Except when your cars come into pit when there’s a good battle going on... “Uh, do a couple more laps, then box. Yes, we were supposed to box this lap, but, uh, engineering changed their mind.”


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Nelly’s Rape Accuser Decries Media Spotlight
Woman Says She’s Been Frightened Into SilenceWriter Has Doubts About Hill’s Future at ESPN4 Women Sue Detroit Free Press Over Unequal PayCalif. Paper Names Black Publisher, Joins Black Editor‘Ask a Mexican’ Arellano Quits as OC Weekly EditorFCC Chairman Pressed to Speak Out on TrumpHow Trump Is Changing Hispanic MediaTelenovela Star Slaps Reporter in the FacePress Freedom Groups Knock UNESCO... View more »


Rooo sez BISH PLZ
For Sweden
Who Would Win?
For Sweden just a moment. 2 comments
Who Would Win?

Los Angeles Oppos please let us know


DC3 LS, will be perpetually replacing cars until the end of time
California’s Rules on Self-Driving Cars Don’t Really Matter

Don’t believe yesterday’s clickbait nonsense about the California DMV’s draft rules for Self-Driving Cars. There’s much more (and less) than meets the eye here, and it affects new and legacy car manufacturers VERY differently.

Read my new story over at The Drive.


Alex Roy is the author of the LiveDriveRepeat blog and Editor-at-Large for The Drive.
Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and

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I Know The Identity Of Supreme Leader Snoke [Spoilers.  Duh.]

Anyone who saw The Force Awakens this weekend came away with some big questions. JJ Abrams’ penchant for mystery boxes means we have a lot of clues, hints, and few answers.

Many, many spoilers follow. Do not read if you haven’t watched The Force Awakens yet.

Maybe Rey is related to a certain Jedi, but there weren’t enough clues for us to know for sure. So we’ll have to wait until Episode VIII...

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Took the car out now that it’s back together... This lot is now open to the public. Had to stop....

Anyway, I’m wiped.....See ya.


Bman76 (hates WS6 hoods, is on his phone and has 4 burners now)
Wednesday's Best Deals: Eneloop Batteries, Calvin Klein Gold Box, Puffer Jackets, and More

Pick up last-minute gifts and great deals on Eneloop batteries , Calvin Klein underwear , a puffer jacket Gold Box, and much more.

Wednesday's Best Lifestyle Deals: Calvin Klein, Puffer Coats, Merrell Shoes, Madewell, and More

Prime-exclusive outerwear from Amazon, Calvin Klein undies, sitewide sales at Urban Outfitters and…

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Top Tech Deals

The 12W Anker SoundCore and SoundCore 2...

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So Pretty

Seen walking home yesterday, that gorgeous purple paint was even better in person.

Other things:

Double decker bus food truck:

A book I got off Amazon:

House on Archdaily I’m really into right now:

This has been a series of unrelated thoughts and ideas with Bman76, goodnite Oppo.


Jewelry Is a Universal Valentine's Day Gift, Just Don't Tell Them It Was On Sale

It’s not quite time to panic, but if you weren’t aware, Valentine’s Day is now less than a week away. Get something you know they’ll like, and get it with Prime shipping, with Amazon’s one-day sale on jewelry for everyone. Pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more are on sale, and they won’t require going to a store to pick out.

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Forging Loki's Staff Is A Fittingly Convoluted Process

Trust a trickster god to wield one of the most complicated weapons the folks at Man At Arms: Reforged have ever had to recreate.

Loki likely didn’t create the Chitauri scepter he carried in the first Avengers movie, but he’s the one who stuffed an Infinity Gem inside of it, so we’ll call it his. And while the Man At Arms version doesn’t quite match up with the movie prop (image via the Marvel...

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All Your Baby Needs To Know Can Be Learned From These <i>Star Wars</i> Blocks 

Given how vast the Star Wars universe has become it's no surprise that finding an object or character for every letter of the alphabet wasn't that difficult a task. And if you're one of the thousands of fans lucky enough to be attending the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, next week, you'll actually have the chance to buy one of these colorful wooden alphabet blocks sets.


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Give Your MacBook Its Ports Back With Your Choice of Three Adapters

The latest MacBooks did the most Apple thing ever and replaced every single port with USB-C. That’ll be great once everything runs off of USB-C, but until then, you’ll need a dongle or two to plug in your legacy devices.

All of them feature a 60W USB-C passthrough charging port, but the $33 model gives you four USB 3.0 ports and HDMI, the $34 model opts for three USB ports, HDMI, and a card...

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<a href="https://www.avclub.com/a-real-life-irish-massacre-offers-brutal-facts-but-lit-1820271665" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">A real-life Irish massacre offers brutal facts, but little mystery, in Alex Gibney&#39;s <i>No Stone Unturned</i></a>
Movie ReviewMovie ReviewNo Stone UnturnedC+Movie ReviewNo Stone UnturnedC+C+No Stone UnturnedDirector

Alex Gibney


111 minutes


Not Rated






Select theaters November 10

In June of 1994, masked gunmen entered a pub in the tiny Northern Ireland town of Loughinisland, spraying the patrons with assault-rifle fire, killing six. It was a remarkable act...

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