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Birthday Party flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Adam Met;Jack Met;Ryan Met;Peter Ivers;David Lynch.
2 Loote

Your Side Of The Bed flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: ​Jesse Saint John;Jackson Foote;Emma Lov Block.

100 Bad Days flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Jack Met;Adam Met;Ryan Met.
4 Joe Jonas

Longer Than I Thought flac

Joe Jonas. 2018. Writer: Patrick Nissley;Jackson Foote;Dave Katz.
5 Loote

Out Of My Head flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Emma Lov Block;Michael Pollack;Jeremy Dussolliet;Jackson Foote.
6 Iselin Solheim

Anyone Out There flac

Iselin Solheim. 2019. Writer: Iselin Solheim;Max Grahn.
7 Lena

Thank You flac

Lena. 2019. Writer: Lena;Simon Triebel;Jess Glynne;Janee Bennett;Fraser T Smith;Beatgees.
8 Loote

Wish I Never Met You flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Jackson Foote;Alex Peter Koste;Jeremy Dussolliet;Emma Lov Block.
9 Kim Petras

Heart To Break flac

Kim Petras. 2018. Writer: Cirkut;Aaron Joseph;Dr. Luke;Jacob Kasher;Kim Petras.
10 A L E X

Out On The Trampoline At Night flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
11 A L E X

I Want To Hold Your Hand flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
12 A L E X

Field flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
13 A L E X

Save Me flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
14 Devin

Summer Lover flac

Devin. 2019. Writer: Tommy Lee James;Stuart Crichton;Oliver Heldens;Nile Rodgers;Devin Guisande.
15 A L E X

9 To 5 flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
16 A L E X

Skirt flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
17 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun (Extended Version) flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
18 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
19 21 Savage

Enzo flac

21 Savage. 2019. Writer: YungLunchBox;Sheck Wes;Offset;Gucci Mane;21 Savage;DJ Snake.
20 Tales Of Ratatösk

Battle Of The Doomed Gods 320kbps

Tales Of Ratatösk. 2019.
Aurora Borealis
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Aurora Borealis

Frederic Edwin Church. 1865. Geomagnetic Storm is coming.

Read more Read A rare solar storm may bring the Northern Lights south to the US

A solar flare may lead to a super-charged light show.

Read more Read Northern US and Canada will have rare chance to see Northern Lights, forecast says

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center suggests …

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Courage is a Privilege

(please listen to me rant and tell me I’m right)A few weeks ago, I was conversing with a twitter person(white) on Japanese politics, and tried to tell her how an AP story about a rally was being misinterpreted. In comes old, thirsty white dude, telling me how the AP story was right, and links a wiki article about a term of literature that I’ve read in Elementary school. That term was used to...

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SS United States News!

I know there’s a few of you here who are interested in the SS United States and what is being done to preserve her legacy. She’s currently owned by a Conservancy headed by William Francis Gibb’s granddaughter, and they have been searching for an industry partner to help the revitalize and restore the ship.

I work for the firm that designed her (Gibbs & Cox, Inc.) and I can tell you that on our...

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Make a Whole Batch of Poached Eggs In Your Slow Cooker

If you’re in charge of making breakfast for your whole household, here’s the easiest way to poach a bunch of eggs at once.

Whether you’re getting the family ready for the day, or you feel like whipping up Eggs Benedict for your roommates, poaching a bunch of eggs at once isn’t easy. If you have a few ramekins, however, Kelli Foster at The Kitchn suggests you put those and your slow cooker to...

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Everybody Wants To Drink Beer With the Wrong Famous People

Today is National Beer Day, the day Americans celebrate the end of prohibition and the beginning of weird regional laws that prevent you from buying beer and wine in the same place. Two Ranker polls reported by E! revealed the male and female celebrities people would most like to have a beer with, and the results are shocking.

The male winner was Bill Murray, which, no, and the female winner...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/amazon-is-marking-down-a-ton-of-calvin-klein-underwear-1821459317" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Amazon Is Marking Down A Ton of Calvin Klein Underwear and More, Today Only</a>

Amazon’s Gold Box is full (two pages full) of up to 50% off Calvin Klein underwear, bras, undershirts, and more. Men’s and women’s styles are included, and there are a ton of 3- and 4-packs, so you can stock up. Or, be that guy and get someone underwear for the holidays.

More Deals

Wednesday's Best Deals: Eneloop Batteries, Calvin Klein Gold Box, Puffer Jackets, and More

Pick up last-minute...

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Atlantic Resolve: English Eagles in Estonia

493 Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath is under the umbrella of USAF Europe permanent presence. During Operation Atlantic Resolve they have deployed to Romanian, Latvia, Poland, and in these pictures in Estonia taken in August, 2016.

Hacking Holiday Travel To Make It Suck Less

Like dentist visits, oil changes and annual reviews at work, holiday travel is an unavoidable trial of life, just sitting there waiting to crush whatever semblance of joy remains inside of you.

It’s either hit the road for the holidays or become the family pariah for staying home and binge-watching shows by yourself (even though I think we all know which is more enjoyable). Still, there are...

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Why I Laughed at My Best Friend for Crying at His Wedding (and Then Cried at My Own)

Mentions of #RelationshipGoals were at an all-time high recently because of this viral video of a crying groom that gave everyone all the feels. If somehow you were actually living life and missed it, here’s a quick rundown: Gabriel Deku burst into tears at the mere sight of his bride-to-be, Annabelle, walking down the aisle. The sob fest got so intense that Gabriel’s best man (aka the real...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/this-10-wine-aerator-would-make-a-great-gift-1820294619" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">This $10 Wine Aerator Would Make A Great Gift</a>

Aerating wine removes that initial acidic taste that some wines can have before they have a chance to breathe. I have one of these at home and love it.

At $10 today, this aerator isn’t at the lowest price we’ve seen but it’s a good $2 discount from its usual price. It would make a great gift for a wine lover in your life.

Amazon product B007SOQX20

<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/todays-best-lifestyle-deals-alex-and-ani-patagonia-a-1797678411" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Today&#39;s Best Lifestyle Deals: Alex and Ani, Patagonia, Anthropologie, and More</a>

Patagonia’s Summer Sale, an Alex and Ani Gold Box on Amazon, discounted dresses from Anthropologie, and more lead Wednesday’s best lifestyle deals.

Today's Best Deals: Bosch Tools, Portal Router, Star Trek, and More

An insane deal on a Bosch tool set, an exclusive discount on the Portal router, and the entire Star …

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Beauty Steals

Diffusers are godsends for those people with...

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5 Reasons Why Hound Is Better Than Siri and Google Now

There are so many AI-powered digital assistants out there these days, we’ll forgive you if you’ve lost track. Hound is an offering from Shazam rival SoundHound, and it’s packed with an impressive number of features considering it doesn’t have the weight of Apple or Google’s engineering teams behind it. Here are five reasons we like it.

1) It’s platform-agnostic

You can’t use Siri on Android,...

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Concept Cars of 1948
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Concept Cars of 1948
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Welcome to the latest installation of the new Concept Cars blog! Gathered here is a collection of photos of well known and forgotten concept cars from 1948. Enjoy! :)

Photo: Scene from the 1973 film, “Sleeper”

1948 Ferrari 166 MM Panoramica Concept by Zagato: Very little is known about it. The 166 MM Panoramica was...

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<i>Alex Strangelove</i>'s Pedestrian Lust

“Can someone please explain modern high school boys to me?” asks Claire (Madeline Weinstein), the long-suffering girlfriend of the questioning, titular character of Netflix’s new queer-teen flick, Alex Strangelove. “They are so oversensitive and high strung and selfish and just, like, rude. My mom made me watch this old movie the other day, Sixteen Candles, and in it the main girl is in love...

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<a href="https://splinternews.com/actress-mareli-miniutti-reportedly-files-retraining-ord-1830553724" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Actress Mareli Miniutti Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against Michael Avenatti </a>

The woman who filed a domestic violence restraining order against lawyer candidate Michael Avenatti was actress Mareli Miniutti, The Blast reports. The revelation apparently came from court documents obtained by the website.

Avenatti was arrested in Los Angeles last week on domestic violence charges. The woman who called the police, at first named by TMZ as Avenatti’s ex-wife, was later listed...

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Its Amazing People Dont Understand That Escalation is a Bad Thing.

While I was working last night a guy came out to pick up his car, and while my coworker was out getting it a homeless guy stumbled around the corner. Homeless guy sees the customers wallet in his hand (grabbing a tip for us) and asks for some money. The dude was clearly drunk as shit.

So the customer responds with immediately with “Go get a fucking job.” Now I’m on alert, most of the time a...

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Steve in Manhattan
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Guy Buys Ferrari, Totals It an Hour Later

He escapes injury, suffers 'damaged pride'

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NBA Viewing Guide, November 25

Hope everyone had a great, happy Thanksgiving! With the whole league off yesterday, we’ve got a full slate today - all 30 teams are in action, across 15 games. So get comfy on the couch, pop open a beer (it’s holiday weekend after all), and prepare for a great day of basketball.

San Antonio @ Boston, 1 pm. The Celtics, third place in the Eastern Conference at 9-6, have played way too many...

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<a href="https://news.avclub.com/no-one-wants-to-play-with-maroon-5-at-the-super-bowl-ha-1831080307" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">No one wants to play with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl halftime show<em></em></a>

Gigs don’t get much bigger than the Super Bowl halftime show, which not only guarantees an audience of millions but also a level of spectacle most artists would covet. Hell, Lady Gaga dropped from the dang sky when she headlined two years ago. This year’s show, however, isn’t quite shaping up to be quite as impactful. Why? Well, Maroon 5 is headlining, for one. And, according to a report from...

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