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HBCU SpringComing Brings Black-School Spirit to New York City

Homecoming is traditionally a time for alums to return to their alma mater, kick it with old friends and pay respect to the institutions that (presumably) meant so much to them as graduates.

For the alumni who showed up at HBCU SpringComing this past weekend, it’s like they never left.

Lauren Grant and George Twopointoh are the founders of HBCU SpringComing, a three-day, New York City-based...

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Grow Home - Dynamic Climbing and Sheep Fondling

Well, I'm not going to write up a bunch on this one, Patrick just put up a big article on Kotaku proper . I will say it's a very fun and cute little game that feels indie regardless of being published by Ubi.

So nice to be home! 

Yesterday I finally got to enjoy a day at home and just go for a nice spirited drive with the Miata. I didn’t actually get out on the road until about 4pm but the weather was just perfect and I didn’t hit traffic so I was quite content. It was a very productive day earlier with 5 hours spent detailing my STi (nice pictures incoming soon). Funny though that I then didn’t want to get the car...

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<a href="https://theinventory.com/the-best-graduation-gifts-theyll-actually-use-1826494951" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">The Best Graduation Gifts They&#39;ll Actually Use</a>

Think back to when you walked across that stage. I can guarantee you weren’t hoping to get a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go . Earn your own honorary degree in gift giving with our suggestions for actually useful graduation presents.

Gear For Starting Their Career

Unfortunately, the typical student wardrobe usually doesn’t translate well into the working world. Make them look like a true...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/monitor-your-home-while-youre-away-with-this-40-securi-1822052844" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Monitor Your Home While You&#39;re Away With This $40 Security Camera</a>

Our readers have bought thousands of Yi’s home security cameras, but today,you can get it for $40 with code HKXW3LA5.

Yi now offers an online cloud DVR service that will store seven days of motion detection footage for free, 15 days worth of motion detection footage for $100/year for five cameras, or $100/year per camera to store 15 days worth of all the footage the camera shoots, whether it...

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<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/stock-up-on-energy-monitoring-smart-switches-for-less-t-1821995283" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">Stock Up On Energy-Monitoring Smart Switches For Less Than $12 Each<em></em></a>

Smart outlet switches have become the atomic unit of smart home gadgetry, and you can get three Alexa and Google Home-compatible switch es (with energy monitoring!) for just $35 today with promo code T3XY644H.

Amazon product B074GYTRFX

A few weeks late but not a dollar short

Well two weeks ago we returned from Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It is one of our favorite places to vacation as it is just a quick 4 hour drive from Phoenix. I didn’t take our camera with us on this trip so these were all shot on my iPhone... I didn’t get as many good shots as I thought I did but these 4 are decent.


The family dinner was fun. 

Idling in 1st gear for 6kms on the 401-407 split near Milton was terrible, but even worse I missed my afternoon nap.


Late night tunes: Life is good edition

Night drives rock. Whether it’s a slow main street cruise, an exciting backroad blast, or a freeway run to that good 24/7 doughnut place, it always requires a soundtrack. Sometimes, that engine humming along under the hood is enough; but for when it is not, let us fill your ears with a random and varied assortment of music each evening! This is late night tunes, and i hope you enjoy tonight’s...

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<i>For Honor</i>’s Latest Mode Is Just What The Game Needed

Teaming up with another bruised and bloodied player to take on For Honor’s General Tozen last night was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in the game in a long time. It’s part of a new mode that publisher Ubisoft says is temporary but that players are already hoping will stick around for good.

The 2v1 fight is one of many you can have against bosses from For Honor’s campaign in “Test...

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B2b Ecommerce Software - Buy and Sell Php Script

B2B Ecommerce Software is the world’s most advanced and largest marketplace for global trade and foremost provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters.

If anyone of you a desire to start a marketplace website of your own, our Alibaba Clone website is the perfect platform. It is the global head in Business to Business marketplace segment for small businesses and world’s...

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Chinese developers file complaint against Apple for 4.3 designspam guideline

Silicon Valley-There is a new suit complained against Apple’s unreasonable App Store review guidelines on behalf of 31 local developers in China.

On August 8th, Daxiao, a Chinese law firm filed a case with Chinese government about Apple removing apps from its App Store without a detailed explanation and unreasonable 4.3 Review Guideline.

Things are getting much more serious....

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LALD Car Week 2018 Day 5 Mazda REPU

This is just a quick custom that i was working on and it just so happens to be black. I painted on the most realistic looking rust i could do. i hope you like it. its made to look like a slammed rat truck


Jeff Simmons
Watch: ‘If You Think That You’ve Aged Out of Justice, Think Again’—Gabrielle Union Speaks on Cosby’s Conviction

Gabrielle Union, a rape survivor and vocal advocate for sexual assault victims, shares her thoughts on Bill Cosby’s conviction: “There’s a lot of people who should be very, very worried because justice is coming for you.”

Watch the video above.


Cariad Chávez
Track: Sons Of Salem | Artist: Orange Goblin | Album: The Wolf Bites Back

Track: Sons Of Salem | Artist: Orange Goblin | Album: The Wolf Bites Back

Kotaku Soundtrack is a selection of the stuff we’re listening to at the moment.

Excalibur (1981)
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Excalibur (1981)

Behold! The Sword of Power! Excalibur! Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream!

Excalibur Movie Review & Film Summary (1981) | Roger Ebert

What a wondrous vision “Excalibur”

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Las peores evoluciones de Pokémon

A algunos pokémon no les gusta evolucionar. Y es que, en ocasiones, las transformaciones solo agregan tamaño y elementos que no son tan útiles en batalla o que convierten un bonito ejemplar en extrañas criaturas. Estas son las peores.

Este juego no oficial propone una nueva clase de Pokémon 

Pokémon Uranium es un juego desarrollado por fanáticos que busca llevar algo innovador al mundo de…

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New Tomica Limited Vintage for January 2018

Tomytec has recently unveiled the Tomica Limited Vintage releases scheduled for January 2018.

Including the two January releases that were already revealed during the previous month, six different models will be available - three in the Neo series, two regular TLVs, and one specially-boxed Seibu Keisatsu release.

New releases of the first-generation Nissan Prairie (LV-N 160) were...

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Day By Day
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Day By Day

1988-89 NBC. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Christoper Daniel Barnes. Created by Gary David Goldberg.

Day by Day (TV Series 1988–1989)

Created by Andy Borowitz, Gary David Goldberg. With Doug Sheehan, Linda Kelsey, Christopher Daniel …

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