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NFL open thread, Sunday playoff edition

So, after Saturday’s terrible early game and insane late game, now we get to see how the NFC side shakes out. I could be wrong, but I think these two games will probably be less fighty. And probably a little less turnover-y.

Seattle at Minnesota: I’ll be pulling for the Vikes to win this one. Not because I have any real hatred or bitterness toward Seattle; yes, they beat the crap out of my...

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Starfish & Coffee:  I Already Miss Prince So Fucking Much

Because of his aggressive pursuit in keeping his material off of sites like YouTube there’s not a lot out there at the moment that’s easily accessible... however....

There are so many of my memories that are accompanied by the man’s music. Hell, I lost my virginity on the floor of an all girls college in Columbia, SC to “Slow Love” from his greatest album, Sign O’ the Times. I got to see him...

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This is a sturdy looking frame

For a full-sized 1963 Catalina. Yes, that’s factory.  Specifically the one in ttyymmnn’s Good Morning post. Note also that it’s a channel, not boxed.

This car also came from the factory with cast aluminum exhaust headers.  It was not built to run a million miles...

Good Morning, Oppo

I haven’t said good morning in a while. Some busy times. So I’ll just leave this here and wish…

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The Most Ridiculous Thing Your Sign Did This Month: September 2018 Edition 

What did the stars have in store for the stars this month? Are you maybe behaving in similarly inspirational or deeply wack and self-destructive ways? The Most Ridiculous Thing Your Sign Did This Month explains all.

Aries: Mariah Carey announced a European Christmas tour

Mariah Carey, the Aries to rule all Aries, continues to bank on the 1994 Christmas staple “All I Want For Christmas Is You,”...

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Owl is lost
Happy Saturday, Folks!
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Happy Saturday, Folks!

What’re the big plans for the weekend?

I know tomorrow is a big day for a certain somebody.

Top Gear lists fastest-accelerating SUVs

Because that’s what SUVs are for, right? click for Top Gear

Jeep Grand Cherokee: 0-62 in 5.0 seconds. More after the jump.

Surprise - Range Rover Sport SVR just in 7th place.

At first I was like “Oh no!” but then I saw it was the Gas Monkey car and I’m okay with this

At first I was like “Oh no!” but then I saw it was the Gas Monkey car and I’m okay with this.

Dramatic Ref
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Dramatic Ref

From last night’s Kings/Sharks game.

2 Suspects Charged in Death of Tenn. Teen Who Protected Friends From Gunfire 

Two suspects have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Zaevion William Dobson, a Tennessee high schooler who jumped on top of his friends and shielded them from gunfire, saving their lives, CNN reports.

Christopher Bassett and Richard Williams both face multiple other charges, including the attempted murder of eight other people, and are being held on $1 million bond, Knox...

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Accounting+, a VR collaboration between makers of Rick and Morty and The Stanley Parable, is out
SteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.  

Accounting+, a VR collaboration between makers of Rick and Morty and The Stanley Parable, is out. I got to play it last weekend at Indiecade in LA, and it’s the funniest VR game I’ve tried. If you want to get a feel for its sense of humor, watch this trailer, and make sure to stick around for the whole...

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What car do you like even though there's not a real reason for it?

We all have those weird automotive likes that don’t really make sense. Maybe the car looks sporty but isn’t. Maybe it tried to be practical and just never was. Or maybe, it’s boring and you like it anyway.

Mine is the last generation Ford Thunderbird. Cheesy “retro” styling that was all the rage at the time, Lincoln LS parts bin sharing, and low sales. But I still like them.

My wife’s family and...

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Jesus Christ, Mary, and Joseph

I have an appointment for state inspection on Wednesday. My car just now decides to blow its idle air control valve.

Thank god NAPA said they could get me a new one by one o’clock tomorrow.

Deadspin Up All Night: What You Live For

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. It’s the goddamn weekend.

Towel day
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Towel day


Trae Young Did A Very Trae Young Thing To Beat The Spurs
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Look, I know it’s just preseason, and just a few hours ago I yelled, “You’re all freaks!” at my colleagues because they preferred to watch pointless NBA games tonight instead of a competitive Stanley Cup Final rematch. But this game-winning trey from Trae Young is worth your time, even if you’re a healthy person who...

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Así ha evolucionado la batalla de Hoth durante 30 años de videojuegos
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Vamos a darle un vistazo a la escena favorita de todos los videojuegos de Star Wars : la batalla de Hoth. Y es que los desarrolladores han estado intentando hacer una adaptación perfecta durante más de 30 años.

¿Cuál es tu favorita?

Trucos y consejos para jugar Star Wars: Battlefront y no morir en el intento


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Best Daily Driver For Under $10,000

Even as I write the title, I expect I’ll have many different answers that many of us won’t agree on, but I’m really just curious. Even my own suggestion is completely subjective. But really, Oppo is a community, and I’d like to hear the voices of the community weigh in on the subject.

Background: I’m dumping the Mazda 3 in favor something with more excitement and three pedals. Could be a...

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Wheel Arch Goofiness

Why are the Maserati Levante’s wheel arches body color?

Honestly think black plastic flares would be an improvement.

Wheels look a little small, but hell, the whole car looks a little goofy anyway.