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Hoon of the Day Nomination

A local small filmmaker came out to the most recent Drag Racing event at Texas World Speedway. It’s an 1/8th Mile Arm-drop drags event that occurs once a month down the pit lane. His trailer is probably the best burnout video I’ve ever seen. Enjoy in Beautiful HD.

And Here’s the full video:



Laird Andrew Neby Bradleigh
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Think About Your Alternate Reality When You Feel Like Giving Up On a Goal

Some days, the road to becoming healthier or more fit is fraught with bumps, obstacles, and confusing junctions. It might feel easier to just throw in the towel because dealing with these hazards can be such a hassle, but before you give up, try to imagine your alternate reality to renew your motivation.

Let’s say you’re disappointed the scale doesn’t reflect your many weeks of hard work ...

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Kipling Inscore
The Troubled Art of Walter Anderson

New Orleans and Ocean Springs, Mississippi artist. Had some issues. Butterfly from Thumbelina.

Walter Anderson, Butterfly from Thumbelina

Ogden Museum of Southern Art en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Inglis_Anderson

Read more Read

Read more Read Walter Anderson 1

Walter Anderson 1

Read more Read Walter Anderson, Buck Rabbit Wall Hanging

Ogden Museum of Southern Art...

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A Tiny Arcade Cabinet That Comes Ready To Play, No Assembly Required

The internet is ripe with hobbyists building their own adorably tiny arcade machines, but those lacking basic electronics and soldering skills are left out of the fun, forced to feed quarters into full-size arcade cabinets. That's what makes the Nanoarcade so great, it's a fully-functional, tenth-scale arcade machine that comes completely assembled and ready to play with a working 360-degree...

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NASA's Kepler Mission Discovered 1,000 Planets In Its Quest to Find Life

It was six years ago this month that NASA shot the Kepler telescope to the heavens on a galactic, planet-finding mission. Today, the space agency released this graphic that could also be Kepler’s mic-dropping resume.

Launched on March 6, 2009, Kepler’s duty is pinpointing stars in our galaxy that sport orbiting exoplanets (like sun does with Earth). NASA is especially interested in those...

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Sean Hagen
Track: Try Me (Live at the Apollo) | Artist: James Brown | Album: Please Please Please

Track: Try Me (Live at the Apollo) | Artist: James Brown | Album: Please Please Please

Kotaku Soundtrack is a selection of the stuff we’re listening to at the moment.


Loki V Superman
RamblingMoose just a moment. 0 comments
Loki V Superman

I am unrepentant Marvel Loki trash. Loved Al Ewing’s run on the character. I like it when a writer is clearly smarter than me, and proves it with some elaborate deception or con. Al Ewing’s Loki stories take their time meticulously establishing the rules, only for the rules to have been a lie all along, Loki broke them while you were trying to figure out what they were.

Superman is as...

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razorbeamteam just a moment. 2 comments

Packing for thanksgiving weekend and I can’t find the brothers for these left and right specific pairs of socks


But David Tracy needs to post some articles or something about that Wagoneer, right? I loved reading

But David Tracy needs to post some articles or something about that Wagoneer, right? I loved reading his project slowdevil articles last year.


Roadster Man
Rust Level: Fred Flintstone

Major cutting action


RallyDarkstrike - Fan of 2-cyl FIATs and irrationally wants various Eastern Bloc cars
WTF is this?
razorbeamteam just a moment. 10 comments
WTF is this?

Took the front door panel off to discover my second door speaker isn’t a speaker at all! I don’t know jack about audio, but it was wired to the actual speaker at the top. The other side is just a metal plate with some foam on it.

The kicker is that there’s a speaker cover on the other side, as if sound comes out of there. This is a County so it’s supposed to have an ADS system, which is...

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Toei is Financing a Hollywood Horror Movie and doing an Anime Tie-In.

Will be directed by The Vicious Brothers (Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz).

The Hollywood Reporter has launched an Article that Toei Media (One of the most biggest Japanese Animation Houses) alongside Shinya Egawa, Neal Edelstein, Eric Basset and Mike Macari as Producers; are doing an Horror-Film called the Temple. Which centers on a Japanese haunted Temple.

The Famous Writter Eiji Otsuka...

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The Typographer Whose Elegant Work Shaped Your Emoji

When we think of the people who shaped early computing history, we think of inventors, engineers, CEOs. We might not think of Hermann Zapf, the German type designer who died this week at 96. But we should.

Zapf’s name might sound familiar to you. Maybe because it’s eponymous with several typefaces on your computer right now, like Zapfino and Zapf Dingbats, that familiar collection of symbols...

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Zach Nelson
Bill Valenti
Life would be a lot cooler if it had these anime effects built in

Neat animation effects in this video directed by Ernest Desumbila for Lighten Up, the latest song by Citizens! This London band kind of reminds me of Phoenix after going through a dance club blender mixed with some LCD Soundsystem and Pet Shop Boys ice. Good track to drive around LA, destination unknown.

Citizens! is a London-based band. You can buy their Lighten Up single here. Their first...

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Terry Richardson Watch

Terry Richardson is back, sort of. His artwork can be seen on covers of latest issues of Rolling Stone and Harper's Bazaar. Contrary to popular belief, several magazines continued to collaborate with him during the last eight months, despite the condemnation he faced after being accused of sexual misconduct. The difference? Richardson's photos did not grace magazines' covers; they were tucked...

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Grab 30% Off Dresses and Dress Shirts at Lands' End

Use the code DRESSY and the pin 3089 at Lands’ End and get 30% off all dresses and dress shirts. This includes all the shift dresses and shirt dresses, and men’s and women’s button-downs you could possibly want or need. Maybe get two of everything while you’re at it.

Here are a few really great styles:

Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something...

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