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Corrin player Cosmos sends one of Super Smash Bros

Corrin player Cosmos sends one of Super Smash Bros. For Wii U’s best, ZeRo, to the loser’s bracket with a 3-0. Top 32 matches at The Big House 7 started early this morning but didn’t let up on the upsets. You can catch the full match through the video here.


Just had to share this with everyone... And I agree with the post below that behind every collection

Just had to share this with everyone... And I agree with the post below that behind every collection has its own story... Be back later after dinner to reply ...

<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/the-10-best-deals-of-january-16-2018-1822132363" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">The 10 Best Deals of January 16, 2018</a>
Tuesday's Best Deals: Programmable Crock-Pot, Charging Cables, Tactical Spork, and More

A programmable Crock-Pot, Anker charging cables, a tactical spork, and more are all part of today’s …

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Extra discounts from Journelle, Sephora’s Weekly Wow deals, TUMI luggage at Nordstrom Rack, and…

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Eisia Weron
Watch: This Heroine Paved the Way for Black Women in Comics

It’s about time that black girls see themselves represented in comics.

Storm of the X-Men and Misty Knight made waves in the mid-’70s, and now we’re seeing black women shut it down in movies like Black Panther. But before these heroines hit comic book pages, there was Torchy Brown.

Torchy Brown in “Dixie to Harlem” was first published in the Pittsburgh Courier in 1937. The comic strip was...

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Just rotated the tires on the Wägen...

and took a 25 mile drive. I think the car needs an alignment... after all, it hasn't had one in almost 50k miles :(

If I hit the gas, it now pulls up and to the left in any gear at any RPM... unlike when it used to just go straight. It also feels like it pulls down and to the right when I let off the throttle. I hope I didn't break anything :'(


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Take this Stanley 16-quart cooler on your next adventure for just $40 today. It can keep up to 21 cans cold for up to 36 hours, doubles as a seat, and has a lifetime guarantee.

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If you ever use iTunes to buy apps, movies, music, TV shows, iCloud storage space, or anything else, this discounted $50 gift card from Amazon is basically free money. 15% is about as good as iTunes discounts get these days, so stock up.

WoW Legion is Great, but Blizzard learned from Others

Playing through the leveling process in World of Warcraft is nothing new to me. I started playing WoW back during the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, when Naxxramus was the end-game raid. At this point, the grind to the top level was long and arduous, though Vanilla WoW players will beg to differ. I began as a druid because my friend/ mentor said that this is the class I would probably...

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Wheelerguy just a moment. 0 comments

Just landed the breakthrough I need: that RMZ City Corvette has the right wheels for the Realtoy Porsche.

But now the hard part is the actual wheelswap. The neighboring handyman is out for the week, and won’t be back until the weekend. Even then it’s a hard sell to have him open up a kids’ toy.

Sunday&#39;s Best Deals: Amazon Kindles, Brother Printer, Game of Thrones Blu-ray, and More

Early Black Friday deals on Amazon devices like Kindles and Fire Tablets , a refurbished Brother printer , a Game of Thrones Blu-ray box set , and more start off Sunday’s best deals.

A number of anticipated Black Friday deals are already available, and we’re gathering them all here from now until the big deal.

The Best Black Friday Deals [Updating]

You don’t need to stand in line at the crack...

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Remains of the Day: Amazon to Add Dash Functionality to More Smart Home Devices

Amazon is partnering with more companies to add Dash button-like functionality to smart home devices. Gadgets like washing machines and coffee makers will be able to automatically order items when you’re running low. That and more in today’s news.

Amazon is working with companies like Honeywell and Nestle on devices that will automatically order things like air filters, baby formula, coffee,... View more »


toecutter (so grey, I gotta wear shades)
Where to Get Free Inspiration for Your Novel

How’s NaNoWriMo going? Do you have 20 percent of a novel on your hard drive yet? If not, maybe you’re having trouble thinking of what to write. Fortunately, there’s a place on nanowrimo.org that is full of ideas ripe for the stealing.

What's Your Plan for NaNoWriMo?

Good morning, National Novel Writing Month participants! Did you do your 1667 words this morning?…

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It’s a forum...

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El polo norte de Saturno ha cambiado de color y los científicos no saben aún por qué

Resuelto el caso de su extraño hexágono , el polo norte de Saturno nos regala un nuevo misterio. El famoso vórtice de seis lados, que mide más de 30.000 kilómetros de diámetro, ha cambiado de color. La nave Cassini captó estas fotografías en color natural donde podemos apreciar el fenómeno.

El misterioso hexágono del polo norte de Saturno por fin tiene una explicación

Saturno es el sexto...

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John Doe
Any Pontiac Guys Here?

Fresh from the case! Great looking chase if you collect firebirds. Up for HWEP.


<a href="https://splinternews.com/vogue-india-celebrated-its-10th-anniversary-by-putting-1794925434" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');"><i>Vogue India</i> Celebrated Its 10th Anniversary by Getting Kendall Jenner Into Even More Trouble</a>

Earlier this week, Vogue India revealed the cover for its upcoming 10th anniversary issue, starring none other than Kardashian affiliate and decidedly non-Indian Kendall Jenner.

Normally, stuff like this wouldn’t be a huge deal—Jenner is obviously a giant star, and Vogue India has featured Blake Lively (which makes sense because she’s part Cherokee), Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna,...

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Office of the Press Secretary


January 18, 2018





Friday January 19: In-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP, NYT

TV Corr & Crew: ABC

Print: Talking Points Memo

Radio: Talk Media News


Friday January 19: Out-of-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos:...

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Nightmares and horror stories Part 2

Here is a dream I had when I was really young. In fact: I can’t believe I remember this now, but it was so horrible. A little back story: my family had a trailer that I grew up in. We had 40 acres of prime farm land and it was quite desolate. This dream in particular stands out. In my dream I am about 6 years old. My mother disappears and leaves my sister and I with these three men we didn’t...

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What's are the best automotive books?

The recent post regarding Alex Roy’s appearance on Letterman reminded me that he indeed does have a book that I had been meaning to check out for years. So in a similar fashion, I ask of you: What are the best automotive books? Whether it’s a detailed explanation of how a certain car came to be, an account of a cross country journey in the shortest time possible, or even just a book about...

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